This Monkee’s Gone to Heaven

Published February 29, 2012 by Maryanne

Another shocker, as I learn another icon  from my generation bites the dust. Davy Jones, dead at 66, from a heart attack.

The Monkees were actually from the generation before me, but I enjoyed their television show and saw their reunion tour in the late 1980s. Davy Jones still performs, but shame we take things for granted that artists will always be around. And then, damn!

The Monkees are on the “heavy” playlist in our home. My husband plays them quite often. The cutest thing was one day he was playing Monkees videos on our television downstairs and my oldest cat, Billy, came running down. Animals are sensitive to music. My other cat favors The Turtles.

My absolute favorite song that Davy Jones ever sang wasn’t a Monkees song, but rather his own solo song. I just DIE when I hear the song “Girl.” I’m sure everyone remembers the Brady Bunch episode when he sang that song.

Davy Jones Facts

1. Jimi Hendrix was once the warm-up act for The Monkees and toured with them!

2. Glam legend David Bowie was born David Robert Jones and you can find his early works under the name “Davy Jones and the Lower Third.” He later changed his name to “Bowie” to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of the Monkees.

3. In February 1964 Davy Jones appeared on the Ed Sullivan show with the cast of “Oliver” (which he was cast for). On this same show, The Beatles made their first Ed Sullivan appearance.

4. Davy Jones was married three times and has four daughters from his first two marriages.

5. At 5’3″ Davy Jones was a jockey prior to his Monkees fame.

RIP Davy Jones, you will be missed!

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