Derick. Jeter?

Published May 1, 2012 by Maryanne

My kitty, Derick

When I tell people I have a cat named Derick, they think I named him after baseball great, Derek Jeter.

Well, #1, sad to say, I don’t follow baseball.

And #2, that beauty of a cat, pictured above, is 16-years-old! I got him waaaaay before Derek Jeter became a household name.

But after what just happened in our home, I think I should start calling this cat, Jeter!

My father-in-law walked in the room and saw Derick sitting in front of the television watching the game. When the batter hit the baseball, Derick jumped up and tried to catch the ball!

12 comments on “Derick. Jeter?

  • I’m surprised about the name, though I guess it’s because I’m not american. My first assumption would have been Prince Derek from The Little Mermaid.

    • Good one! There’s a funny story behind his name though. When I was still single, a friend of mine and I were on a vacation the year Derick was born. While on that vacation we both developed a harmless crush one of the guys who cleaned the hotel. His name was “Derick.” So when the kittens were born — very soon after our trip — the name was stuck in my head 🙂

  • That is too funny. I wish I could have been there to see it. By the way, he really looks like he’s suffering on that bed! LOL! Cats are a trip, aren’t they?

    • Aw, such a cutie! But also the brilliance I’ve come to expect from these marvelous, intelligent creatures. Psst, I don’t follow sports, but years ago watched racing and named one of my kitties Sterling, after Sterling Marlin. Mare, now we need a Billy story! 🙂

      • Thanks Sandy! I agree — whenever I tell my cat stories to another friend with a cat I can always expect to hear something super fabulous in return 🙂

        I love that name — Sterling! And yes, a Billy story is due soon 🙂

  • Cat people always have a million stories to tell about their cat (or cats). And cat people love to listen to them. Best of all is pictures of cats. Thank for my “ahh” moment. Virginia

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