Want a Soul Mate? It’s Easier Than You Think!

Published June 11, 2012 by Maryanne

Me and My Husband, Summer 2010 (my favorite picture of us!)

Bah — I’m so tired of the mindset of love happening when you least expect it! Even my beloved grandmother, God rest her soul, used to say that! Truth is — it’s not true!

When I found love, damn straight I was looking for it and EXPECTING IT!

I believe that when you’re ready for love, you should just go out and get it! It is truly that simple. I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction; a firm believer in magic; a firm believer in faith; and a firm believer in believing in yourself and getting what you want!

I think people who aren’t in love, secretly — deep down — don’t want it; for whatever reason. Not that it’s a bad thing not to want love or have it. We all deserve love of course and when we really want it, rest assured we will get it.

When I didn’t want love, I didn’t get it. I successfully avoided it. I told people not to fix me up. I avoided married people or people looking for love. I stayed in my comfort zone of being single by hanging around with other single people and dating others who weren’t ready to commit. Yeah, it was a lot of unnecessary drama, but I knew no other way.

Then, when I was FINALLY ready — at my time, not when society felt I should be ready, not when a biological clock said I should be ready, when I was ready PERIOD — it came! And yes, I anticipated it, like a little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

All it took was a mere two months of perseverance using the Law of Attraction, faith, belief in myself and the common sense not to repeat the mistakes I made when I subconsciously wasn’t interested in meeting a soul mate. Because at this point, I knew what I wanted and what I deserved — and I went for it with all my heart and soul! (Hey, I like that “Heart and Soul Mate!”)

After a mere two months of SERIOUSLY wanting to be in love, FOREVER,  I met my husband — another soul looking for love. And there are many of them out there. Potential soul mates are out there right now looking for you — as we speak!

Isn’t that exciting?!

I’m so happy for all of you ladies (and guys) that are ready and EXPECTING it. The happiness that is coming your way is thrilling!

So, if you’re a lady reading this and you truly want to find your soul mate — here are THREE TIPS that can help move the process along faster. These are three things I made a conscious effort not to do once I knew I was READY because they helped keep that door WIDE OPEN for my true love to fly right in!

Three Tips to Speed Up the Soul Mate Process

1. Stop dating guys you’re not that attracted to. If you’re not seeing rockets and having massive heartbeats when he’s calling or knocking on the door, just end it. If you date someone you’re “just not that into” because he’s a nice guy or your best friend, you’ll subconsciously find excuses to pick on him. It’s not fair. Don’t go there because in the long run it’s not going to work.

2. Don’t date guys that are unavailable. While there are cases where it works for women who break up marriages, I truly think it’s best to avoid married men. If the guy is THAT unhappy, wait until he gets his divorce papers. It’s best to start on a clean slate. This also applies for ones in other types of committed relationships. You should always be number 1 — not second fiddle.

3. Don’t go back and forth with exes. Okay, so I have seen couples who were together in high school, broke up and then got together again and they are HAPPY. But this is the exception to the rule. Most people who are on again/off again are just not going to make it. It seems like those types of relationships are ones where one or the other gives up when the going gets rough. Then because they are co-dependent, they get back with each other. It’s not true love because they can’t take the heat, yet when things seem like they got smoother the couple is back making goo-goo eyes at each other again without addressing the issues at hand. How can this ever be healthy?

These tips may help some readers, or you may come up with your own. The gist of this article is that we, as human beings, have the power to take charge of what we have in our lives and everything we want in life is available to us. Whether it’s a dream job or a soul mate — it is out there for you!

Believe in yourself and EXPECT it!

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