David Cassidy Inducted – NJ Hall of Fame

Published June 12, 2012 by Maryanne

David Cassidy shaking my hand at concert last fall, 2011

Just a few days ago, David Cassidy, who grew up in New Jersey, was one of the many recent inductees into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Congratulations to David Cassidy, a true musician and entertainer.


7 comments on “David Cassidy Inducted – NJ Hall of Fame

    • LOL! I didn’t “officially” meet him, he just shook my hand from the stage and Dennis took the picture. I think he came to me because I was the only girl who WASN’T swooning. He got annoyed because of all the screaming and he actually walked off stage!! These girls were NUTS! I was just very subdued. Then he walked over to us, and Dennis pointed me out to him — he came right over. He had to find little me amongst all the Partridge Family albums and lunch boxes women were flinging in the air!

      • What show was this. I was at some of the shows last fall and I don’t remember him walking off stage because of excited screaming fans?

      • It was one of the theaters in central Jersey, I forgot if it was Count Basie in Red Bank or State Theatre in New Brunswick, I’ll have to check my paper diaries. It was in October and he really was pissed. I don’t blame him — they wouldn’t let the guy talk, they just kept screaming. Then when I went to the bathroom the pissy fans were complaining that he didn’t put on a good show like other 1970s artists, which wasn’t fair. The guy is a professional, treat him with respect.

      • If it was at Count Basie, I wasn’t at that one. I will ask my friend that went to that one. Yes too bad if they (the fans) were rude to him. He doesn’t mind exhuberant fans, but rude is another story .

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