The Laundry Journals

Published July 14, 2012 by Maryanne

Laundry is a chore I don’t mind because each part of the process is fun. First of all, lifting the basket, carrying it and hanging clothes is a great upper body and back work-out. Hanging up the clothes, sorting them and putting them away, while listening to music is very uplifting and can be a creative experience for those of us who color coordinate and season coordinate our pieces.

But the best part of doing laundry is going through my pieces and remembering what I did while wearing them the previous days:

That cute new t-shirt I’m taking out of the dryer — My husband surprised me with that t-shirt the other night. Each time I wear it, I’ll be reminded how thoughtful he is.

That bohemian summer dress I’m folding — I wore a few nights ago at a concert with my friend Bridget. And wow, all the luck it gave me by wearing it while working on 7/11, scoring several promotional events!

And now popping in the drawer the summer nightie I wore to bed last night and dreamed that beautiful Fawn (my mom’s late Chihuahua) came to life again. What a blessing to have a beloved pet come back to you in a dream.

Oh, and that great green skirt Diane gave me in the 1990s and still gets compliments — I always laugh when I’m hanging it up, thinking of what a hoot Diane is, how she makes me laugh and all the fun we’ve ever had. If you’re reading, I love ya, Di!

Ahhh, the laundry journals … clothes are such a great read!

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