Eat Like it’s 1969!

Published July 19, 2012 by Maryanne

Some of the older people reading may remember these ice cream treats from the 1960s/1970s.

I don’t think I remember a treat being that small since … well, since I was that small.

And this is where the problems with poor health and obesity lie in this day and age. Not that people are eating treats. Treats are not bad in moderation. It’s the fact that treats are so big. Everything is super-sized. And of course since they are treats, you are tempted to finish the entire product no matter how big it is because it’s so mouth-watering delicious. I am guilty myself!

When I succumb to treats, I try to go for the cleanest food possible, something with no artificial ingredients and preservatives, like natural popcorn, all natural ice cream, or vegan cake (because I know it’s not made with animal lard).

I haven’t had a Tofutti Cutie in years and told my husband to bring home a box last week.

What I failed to remember was that these treats had some not so healthy ingredients such as corn solids. But the thing is, eating just one was only 9 grams of sugar, which equals to two teaspoons of sugar. So stopping at one treat isn’t such a bad thing, and may in fact be better than eating four servings of something all natural because the body doesn’t know the difference between agave nectar and corn syrup. Sugar is sugar — period!

Having a box of Tofutti Cuties in the house, I said that the best thing to do would be to have good old fashioned will power and make the box last awhile. Which my husband and I did. So, go us!

I’ve noticed a big difference in how I feel if I have a small portioned dessert versus a huge dessert, whether it’s a perfectly clean dessert or something that contains corn solids. I do feel so much better with less — no matter what the content is. When dining out, I now split desserts instead of getting a whole one.

Back in 2010, I interviewed health advocate/model, Oleda Baker for a health column I used to write. If you Google her name, you will be surprised at how healthy this woman in her late 70s looks — so healthy that she could easily pass for 45 or 50!

When I asked her what’s the best health advice she could give. She said, “Don’t overeat.”

Oleda also admitted to eating foods that weren’t all natural and that she eats pizza and desserts.

The point is, not to put too much stress on the stomach in one sitting. I’ve noticed that a small taste of dessert after a meal is more satisfying than stuffing my face with a big dessert, even if it is all natural and vegan.

So, when it comes to desserts, you can literally have your cake and eat it too by going for a much smaller portion.

Just eat like it’s 1969!

12 comments on “Eat Like it’s 1969!

  • I am still blown away by what a “small” drink is now. I’m pretty sure a small is now is bigger than what a large was back when I was a kid.

    One thing I like are the tiny sodas that are out now, only about 7 ounces. I can drink half of that and have my sugary carbonated drink craving satiated in just a few sips. I know, soda is poison and full of deadly sugar, but I like it sometimes, I can never drink an entire full sized can though,so these little ones are great.

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