A Cat’s Way Of Saying He Loves Us

Published August 15, 2012 by Maryanne

Kitty love!

Last night, as my husband and I were winding down, we had The Carpenter’s CD on.

The cats were on the bed with us, getting ready to snuggle for the night.

Just as Karen Carpenter started singing, “ahh-ahh-ahh, close to you” my cat, Derick, started mewing along. And he was on key too!

Damn cat sings better than I do!

See, animals are not dumb. They let you know you’re loved in the funniest ways.

8 comments on “A Cat’s Way Of Saying He Loves Us

  • Kitty love is the absolute best! What a cute story. Derrick has good taste in music. I love the Carpenters. Our boy cat, Noodles, lays right on top of Steve and refuses to get off. Mia, the girl, swirls in between my feet and then plops down right in front of me, and lays on her back waiting to be scratched. I almost can’t stand it……cats are so damn cute!!!

  • That story reminds me of a bilingual parrot.
    A few years ago I lived in Miami a place where Spanish is as common as English. One afternoon, outside a book shop on a South Beach side street, there was a parrot in a cage. It said “Hello.” Then, a minute later, it said “Hola” (Spanish for “hello”).

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