“Poor” Me

Published August 26, 2012 by Maryanne

If I can remember correctly, I started this blog in February.

It was during a time when business was slow and I figured if I wrote a blog about positive things it would lift my spirits.

Of all of the internet things I’ve explored over the years: message boards, Live Journal, Twitter, Face Book, Linked In, etc., I have to say I love blogging the best.

The blogging community is very supportive of each other. And I am very intimidated (in a good way) and inspired by all the talent that is out there. I am truly addicted and learning so much from this educational tool called “blogging.”

A month or so ago, I was having a bad day … a really bad day. I had to “break up” with two girlfriends who were dragging me down. It’s always sad to see a friend go, but if it’s toxic, you have to be honest with yourself and let go. Of course I cherish the good times and smile, but in my heart, I had to move on.

My mistake was blogging about it when I was right smack in the midst of the drama. I promised myself I’d keep my blog as positive as possible. “Edgy” was okay, but I didn’t want to go the negative route … and, darn it, I did.

I vented.Big time.

And while some people were concerned, which I appreciated, I got my first “poor” vote out of the five-star rating (“excellent” being the highest, which I often got).

I deserved the “poor” vote. That entry sucked!

But what I didn’t deserve were all the “poor” votes that followed in days ahead. Every single blog I wrote, no matter how many “excellent”s I received, there was this one voter putting “poor” on my blogs — every day — no matter what the topic was, bringing an “excellent” rating down to “very good” or even a mere “good.”

When I checked my stats, it gave me a good idea who this person was because this person is the only one who reads my blog from a certain country … and whenever THIS person from THAT country read my blog, THAT is when I got the “poor” rating.

So, I fixed that person’s sorry ass and took the rating system off my blog. Get your jollies somewhere else, hun.

People like that crack me up.

It’s like, if you think my blog is so “poor” — why are you still reading?

And what is equally funny — and a big ego booster on my part — is that here’s this tool, giving me “poor” ratings,  while I’m out having the TIME OF MY LIFE with my friends, or husband, or rocking my career.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

If I don’t like something, I ignore it. I’m not going to waste my time or my eyesight reading something that I feel is “poor.”

If I can help it, I don’t listen to music I feel is “poor”; I don’t spend time with people I feel are “poor” company; and I don’t eat “poor” food.

In other words — I don’t do “poor”!

So, fellow bloggers, if you ever get a “poor” rating, you know it’s not from me.

If I feel your writing is not up to par with what you’ve been writing before, I may say so if I felt our friendship was comfortable enough, or I felt you’re a very secure person who didn’t necessarily need my approval but might appreciate my thoughts.

I once told Mitch Leigh, the brother of Joey Ramone, that I loved his band The Rattlers, but wasn’t as crazy for his other band Stop. This was honest critique from a fan. And I would definitely appreciate equally honest critique from someone who reads my blogs, or follows my articles.

But to constantly stalk someone’s blog and vote “poor” “poor” “poor” every day … well, now we go into “whack job” or “psycho stalker” status.

I’m not a fan of Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, Dave Matthews or Edie Brickell. Yet these artists will never know I dislike their work. Why? Because I’d never, ever, ever write them a hate mail letter. They are human beings, like you and I — probably all nice people too. And if I wrote something negative to someone while they are having a bad day — who knows what could happen?! Britney Spears might go as far as to shave her head!

One time I was dating a guy in a band who had a friend in another band. He got a kick out of the fact that his friend’s girlfriend didn’t dig his music.

It happens!

And on the flip side, I know people who like my writing skills, but don’t particularly care for me, personally. And I am FINE with that.

Let’s just all, as the Beatles say, “Let it Be.” Why be so obsessive about letting a person know you dislike them? Why do people always make it all about them? Me? I’d rather people know how much I think they’re great. Because it feels good to give encouragement and compliments. Hell, I’d hate myself knowing I gave someone a “poor” rating (unless it was for them giving me bad service, that I paid good money for, of course!)

Life is too short to do “poor” — hence the disabled ratings.

Enjoy, or don’t read. What can I say?



9 comments on ““Poor” Me

    • Thanks so much! And any quotes from a grandmother are always appreciated, I loved mine dearly and miss her tremendously. I like your blog too, it’s so positive and those vegan pancakes look amazing! 🙂

  • WOW, what a jerk (the voter). Yeah, why read, perhaps they were being honest about the first poor b/c they were so used to your positive stories so they ranked poor out of that, but gee who would continue to do that? BTW where is the poor button? I didn’t know you could see your rankings on your stats – oh no – something else for me to obsess about. lol.

    Anyway, we all have a need to vent sometimes, I have been tempted many times to let it all out on my blog, but I’m too chicken. not that I’m a fake, but I ‘m not one who likes to regret what I have said. Know what I mean?

    Also – I had to laugh when you said you weren’t a big fan of Dave Matthews. I’m so not either… and I always feel so “uncool” when I tell people that because everyone seems to think he and his band are so great.

    well, enough of that – I sure can ramble.

      • Yeah, you can put up stars so people can rate your blog. Many blogs have them. I always give “excellent” rating. Never anything lower. We have a great bunch of writers on here, I look forward to the blogs so much.

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