Wildwood Days

Published September 21, 2012 by Maryanne

Bike riding in Wildwood

It was such a blessing to get down to Wildwood for two full days earlier this week with my husband.

We squeezed so much fun into two days: bike riding, walking on the boardwalk and shopping, dining out, hanging out in the hot tub and going to the Cape May Zoo, where we saw baby snow leopards. The pictures didn’t come out so great, but you can see them on You Tube. They were the most adorable precious things, I just got so choked up when I saw them and started to cry. They were born in March or April, making them just a few months old. The miracle of life is astonishing. Seeing them in all their glory was the best part of the trip. They were playing and romping and pouncing. Too sweet!

Now back in the real world, I’m thrilled to report that I’m up to Chapter 7 in the fiction book I am writing!


Having fun at the Imperial

And at our favorite Star Lux Hotel

Wildwood streets at night, check out the lights: beach balls and palm trees

A capybara at the Cape May Zoo — how cute!

Foxy, yeah!

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