In Praise of Short Haired Beauties

Published September 24, 2012 by Maryanne

Mary Stuart Masterson, circa “Some Kind of Wonderful” days

Last night my husband and I were chilling and watching the beginning of “Some Kind of Wonderful,” a cute coming of age movie from the late 1980s. Mary Stuart Masterson played an adorable short-haired tomboy and Leah Thompson played the school heartthrob with the bouncy long hair.

I was thrilled when my husband, Dennis, said that Mary Stuart Masterson’s character was the cuter one. And I always thought she was too.

Even though I’m a long haired girl (short hair is too high maintenance for me, having to get it cut every three weeks) I absolutely adore short hair and I have to be honest, I’ve always felt men who preferred long hair were shallow.

When I first met my husband my hair was super long, heavy with blonde streaks and I always wore it a bit teased and in my face. One Sunday afternoon we were at a Christmas party and for some reason, the house was really hot, so I put my hair up. When I came out of the bathroom with my hair up, my husband said, “You are gorgeous!” Since then my husband preferred my hair up, rather than down, and I do wear it up 90 percent of the time. I even wore it up on our wedding day.

A year ago I was considering cutting my hair short and a male friend said to me, “Don’t do it. Men prefer long hair. Just ask Dennis.” I nearly laughed in this friend’s face because I knew that was not the truth. Dennis would love if I cut my hair off!

I’ve always been more drawn to men who were open-minded to women with various looks. Aside from Dennis, I’ve had quite a few guys tell me I’d look cute with short hair. And the one time I did get it cut short, I got more compliments than ever. I kept it short for three years and then grew it again because running to the hair salon or barber was eating up so much of my time.

I think the sexy thing about short hair on women is that it makes your eyes and lips look bigger and it enhances your cheekbones, showing off your true beauty. This is the same when women wear their hair up — you see the entire face and it’s just so elegant. I have one girlfriend who always wears her hair down. One day we went out and she wore a high ponytail. I told her, “Don’t ever wear your hair any other way — this is the best look for you!”

And for those silly men who think long hair is better — I’d bet my bottom dollar bill they wouldn’t turn down a date from any of these short haired beauties: Linda Evangelista, Winona Ryder, Isabella Rosselini, Princess Diane, Jaime Lee Curtis and Pink, to name a few.

Some day, when I have more time to relax and sit in a barber’s chair, I look forward to cutting my hair short again! (Or maybe I’ll just have to do it sooner and make the time!)

My friend Diane, and me (right) back, circa 1999 or 2000 – both with short hair!

8 comments on “In Praise of Short Haired Beauties

    • Sounds adorable! If I ever get my hair short again I have to figure out how to make it work in a short time. My hair is long and wavy, so the waves work with what I want to do. When I cut it short, it gets completely straight and no body, so I spend too much time fussing. Does the gel give it body?

  • >>”short hair is too high maintenance for me”

    LOL I cut my hair short two years ago (well, it’s still not quite short by guys’ standard, like in the picture above) because long hair was too high maintenance for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    And hell yeah, I approve of tomboys and pixie hairstyles.

    • When I was a teenager, I followed my husband’s band around (we were just friends back then). He had super long hair, which does look cool on a guy, but honestly, it’s over-rated. When I saw him at the band’s reunion in 2005, he cut it a lot shorter (still long for a guy, but shorter). I was able to see his gorgeous green eyes, and his cheekbones, and I feel head over heels for him. Then we had our first real conversation and have been together ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

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