8 comments on “And They Called It Puppy Love ….

  • I could eat this puppy, it’s so cute….and I’m a vegetarian!

    Maryanne, you definitely need a puppy. You’re glowing with that little guy!

    • LOL! Isn’t he too much? We’re going to get one. We have to let our kitty babies live their full lives in peace and then down the road, definitely! Remember a long time ago I said I wanted an Italian Greyhound? And if it’s a girl, I’m naming it after YOU; and if it’s a boy, I’m naming it after Lou Christie πŸ™‚

      • I remember you saying you were going to name the dog after me or Lou Christie. That is too funny!!! If it’s a “she” and I’m over your house, we won’t know who you’re calling! LOL!

    • Thanks, Doll! Greyhounds are so sweet and beautiful. It’s a “down the road” thing for us though. I have two cats since kittenhood — they are now old, and a puppy would really disrupt them, especially the little one, he’s so very needy. As all things, in time πŸ™‚

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