Waiting for the Flood

Published October 28, 2012 by Maryanne

My husband and I are still milking the Halloween season for all it’s worth. The storm still hasn’t hit us yet, so we took a drive down to one of our favorite New Jersey towns, Keyport, to check out the waterfront.

Keyport, New Jersey

Gloomy and overcast.

Hubby and I enjoyed some lunch, laughter, great conversation and good beer at McDonagh’s Pub

Soaking up some more Halloween spirit

And we ended our day by doing some antique shopping around the town. We love this place, Vintage 78s: www.vintage78s.com

Then we took a short ride looking at homes and then a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee.

Our biggest concern is that we hope tree branches don’t fall and hit our home. We just had a lot of work done to our house and it looks like a brand new home even though our house was built over 100 years ago.

From the most recent radio reports, the storm should end by tomorrow evening.

I’ll definitely lose some Pear Tree business (www.peartreeenterprises.com). Since I finished a major book project my entire week was going to be based on marketing and promotions and with the storm no one will be around to do business with.

But on a positive, if we don’t lose power, I’ll be able to work on my own two books I’m writing. Otherwise it will be a day of relaxing and waiting it out.

As one who always has my planner filled to the hilt, it is kind of refreshing to take a “whichever way the wind blows” approach — literally!

To everyone in the area, stay safe!

9 comments on “Waiting for the Flood

  • Love the photos! The beer looks mouth-watering!!! Stay safe and enjoy the time off, if work is called off.
    By the way, are your cats acting weird? Mine are running around and meowing like crazy. Maybe they know something is coming?

    • The chiropractors aren’t working today. No other Pear Tree promotional work, it would be senseless to work at home doing promotions because no one else is working. Just a day of working on my two books if I feel motivated. Dennis may be home all day too. It’s 7 a.m. and pretty ugly out there! The cats are fine, Derick is his usual needy self, just following me everywhere. How is Little Falls?

      • I’m happy you and Dennis got to stay home and safe.

        Little Falls is super windy and gloomy and it’s starting to rain.

        I had to finally turn the news off on the TV, it’s too much already with the constant reports. Time for some garbage TV!!

      • Yeah, it’s always my call as to what I want to do. I’m just worried how the week is going to wrap up because I’ll have to turn some clients down in order to make others happy (which I just blogged about).

        Anyway, yeah, garbage TV!! “Sex in the City” here I come!!!!!!!

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