The Hurricane That Stole Halloween

Published November 2, 2012 by Maryanne


Our Kitty Derick with SPARKY!

Me keeping warm in front of fireplace at Cranford Hotel

Hot Wheels alarm clock

First my heart goes out to anyone who lost loved ones due to the horrible storm. This was a horrific terrible thing and I hope to never see such a storm again. The stories are just so sad and I keep hearing more and more of them. All the beautiful seaside town boardwalks in New Jersey are pretty much demolished with the exception of our favorite, The Wildwoods because the beach is so far out.

Some of our friends and family have experienced horrible things, but they are okay and I am glad for that.

And even on a lighter note, it’s a damn shame that two years in a row children missed out on Halloween. Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house, but since we knew the storm was coming, we exchanged our gifts a few days before Halloween in case we didn’t have any power (and sure enough we didn’t).

My amazing husband got me the dog Sparky from the Tim Burton movie, “Frankenweenie” (see above) and he’s so cute! He also got me a Sparky shirt (I’ll show pictures as soon as it gets warm enough to wear it! Or did we miss Indian Summer?)

I got my husband a Hot Wheels alarm clock (see above) — it’s mad cool!

So, Monday night, while we were watching, for the third time, “Dark Shadows” the power went out. The storm was beyond frightening. It was swooshing so loud, like an ocean roar. I prayed all night that nothing would happen to us or our kitties.

And we are so LUCKY we did not have anything bad happen to us. I do not take our good fortune for granted and am beyond ecstatic that we got through this pretty much “beautifully” (as my husband’s dad said about his brief loss of power in Whiting, New Jersey – down the shore but much more inland). We also lucked out that without electricity we still had heat and hot water. We kept waiting for the bomb to drop and lose the heat and hot water, but that never happened. And we still had a phone line! Very, very, very LUCKY!

Tuesday the storm ended and we spent late morning cleaning out the trees branches that were all over our yard. It was a great workout. That afternoon our friend Johnny stopped by and I had a beer with him. Even though we have an electric stove, my husband was able to light it and cook us all dinner. By this time the refrigerator was still cold and we had plenty to eat.

On Halloween we ventured out to see how the town was doing. It was like a ghost town, but other towns nearby like Cranford had electricity so we had a late lunch at a diner. That night we celebrated Halloween at The Cranford Hotel, one of our favorite places, with dinner and some autumn ales. We sat by a fireplace and it was super cool.

This morning we ventured out again and had Mexican for lunch. We felt like pioneers trying to find a restaurant open that wasn’t too crowded. Some restaurants had people lined up outside the doors. (And don’t even get me started on the gas lines — it’s crazy!)

Tonite we went out shopping and when we got home, the power was on! But it will be a long time before things get back to normal. Streets are still closed. I haven’t heard from any of my clients, so I am unsure about work. I’m also unsure about what roads are blocked off so I don’t know what I can and can’t do.

I thank our President, the electric companies, the policemen, firemen and everyone else involved in making New Jersey safe and back to normal again. We’re not out of the woods but each day looks more promising.

9 comments on “The Hurricane That Stole Halloween

  • I am so glad to see your post Mary Anne. Seeing what happened at the Jersey Shore and knowing you’re nearby, I wondered if you and family were ok. “I wonder is if she’s going to post soon?’ were my thoughts. Yes, our hearts are with those who lost so much. Glad you came through and thanks for your inspiring message.

    (No problems here. The lights flickered a few times but no loss of power or downed trees in our apt. complex. Some people in the area weren’t so lucky.) -Chris

  • So glad you’re taking this in stride. I don’t understand the people who are taking fits after only 3 days? In OKC we had no power for 10 days straight due to a storm and not much you can do but wait. There are only so many utility workers around to fix stuff. You guys handled it like pros, and even had some laughs during it. Good on you. Sparky and the clock are truly awesome!

    • Thanks so muchTodd. I think the people who are freaking out don’t have heat and I feel really bad for them. But yeah, some are complaining that have no right to and it sucks that the anger is giving NJ a bad name — yet again! People were fighting in the gas lines and on supermarket lines. Very scary.

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