Rebuilding One Day at a Time

Published November 4, 2012 by Maryanne

NJ Governor Christie and President Obama

While my husband and I were one of the lucky ones with zero damage to our home or cars, and only lost power a few days, we were both out of work for a week, which is not a good thing as several days off means losing a lot of money.

My husband will go back to his job tomorrow, but I am at a standstill with my business as I wait for my clients to get their electricity back. So for the first time in four months I’ll be looking for new clients to build my business again until I get my regular clients back for ghostwriting, book editing, promoting/marketing and personal assistance and fill up my week again with 30+ hours of work. As for now, I just have two hours of work this week.

Like a lot of other people, we are in an area where there is limited food in supermarkets, long gas lines and many roads blocked off, so life is very challenging and we are doing our best.

We used to love our Sundays together when we’d take a ride down the Jersey shore, or some other beautiful New Jersey area. But now we have to worry about conserving gas and money. Regardless, we are doing our best and just very happy to have so much extra time together and with our kitties (and damn that little one, Derick, who wasn’t informed about the time change, or the fact that we haven’t had work in several days and woke us up this morning as if we had an agenda!)

One of the highlights of this storm is that I’m so happy with all our New Jersey Governor Christy is doing and his positive remarks about Obama. Prior to this storm, I was not a fan, but I have a new found respect for the guy and I just LOVE the above photo of him with President Obama. I’m now following Christy on Twitter.

I am also happy that I’ve been able to help others in small ways by using my computer to look up information for those who needed it and offer electricity for those who need to recharge their cells. It’s not much, but it feels good that I can at least do a little something.

My prayer and wish is that each new day brings more hope and positivity into the lives of everyone that was hurt by the storm as we all work together to rebuild and get life back to normal. And remember, even if you don’t have the finances to help someone, there are so many positive things you can do: let someone use your computer, offer to clean someone’s yard, call someone to let him or her know you care. I’ve received so many emails and phone calls from people I adore and care so much about which made me feel so loved and happy! Even chatting with cyber friends via blogging and Twitter makes my day.

Good luck and much love to everyone as you try to restore your lives!

17 comments on “Rebuilding One Day at a Time

    • Thank you so much! We do have a few angels watching over us (my grandmother and his mom!) Cars and homes can be replaced, I’m just so happy we’re okay and our kitties are okay and all our friends and family are okay! xo

  • I have been through a couple of hurricanes in my life and people who have not don’t really know how frighting an even minor storm can be. Stay safe and help those that were effected the most.

  • Hoping everything gets back to normal really quickly for you. Good luck to you and everyone else affected by Sandy. PS – have you heard from your friend yet. You had asked me to send out prayers before and I am hoping that you have now heard from everyone that you were concerned about.

    • Yes! I heard from my friend, her bird is okay — thanks so much! And thanks for all your kind words and support throughout. We’re so happy, we found a Shop Rite that had a ton of organic vegetables, and my apple cider vinegar. I was able to make my first salad in days! 🙂

      • I am so very, very glad to hear that your friend and her bird are alright. Prayers have been answered – just shows, you can help in some little way, no matter how far away you are.
        Isn’t it weird, to get so excited about a salad 🙂

  • Hi Sweetie,
    Just got my power back after being off since Monday night. God provided a stranger to lend me a generator earlier in the week, so the kitties and I could keep a bit warm. I hope this was a life changing experience for all of us Jerseyites, and we all do something to make the lives of others better. Good for what you’re doing! XOXO

  • Still remember Hurricane Audrey from 1957 when 500 were killed in Cameron, La, which is about 100 miles south of us. It hit us hard almost 200 miles north of Cameron, when we lived in Pineville, Louisiana. I will never forget worrying about my baby sister, who was 3 months old at the time.

    • Wow, Ivonne, it sure is scary to be alone during a tragedy. I can totally relate, I was alone during 9/11 – safe at home, but had to go through a whole month without work because I was in-between careers. Life is really challenging sometimes, but we are doing good making a lot of jokes, being creative, having fun. I’m blessed with such a great husband who makes a good team with me, and it makes up for all my years being alone.

    • Hi Dianne, it’s terrifying because you don’t know what’s around the corner. I’m just so happy yesterday we were able to find a grocery store open that carried organic foods. And now I just found out one of my clients needs my services later this week. So rebuilding little by little. And once I get back on my feet, THEN I can help others. My husband dropped off a ton of my clothes to the needy the other day. But I want to do more. Maybe tomorrow we’ll bring a friend to his shore home. We’re all helping each other and I’m so happy people seem to be relatively calm and civil 🙂

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