Pear Tree Enterprises: Back in Business a Week After Hurricane!

Published November 5, 2012 by Maryanne

My company logo designed by Anthony Rizzo of Haberdash Design

After going an entire week without work, my home-based small business, Pear Tree Enterprises ( is up and running! So my Monday is filled with promoting and writing — yay!

In regard to promotions, my jazz singer client, Carol Erickson ( gave me the “OK” to work for her today and I scored her a gig out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (which seems to be up and running in some sections but not others, just like New Jersey).

Then my other music client, Jim Cuthbert ( came back on board after a little hiatus. I’ll be making his calls shortly.

Paterson Press gave me a writing assignment, interviewing another author, which always makes me happy. That will wind up my day nicely. And the local health food store needs me to help out later this week.

I am still waiting to hear from three other major clients (ghost writing, marketing and personal assistance) but that said, the little bit that rolled in is a godsend!

In other news, I’m so happy to be able to get to Shop Rites that have organic produce and the local health food store for my kombucha. The gas lines are still long, but I figured out that I have another blessing — an “even” numbered plate. Why is this a blessing? Because vanity license plates without numbers will be considered “odd” making the odds (no pun intended) of the lines longer on odd days! So just a little triumphant thing to be joyful about.

Regardless, I’m all prepared, mentally, to spend the entire day tomorrow on lines — gas lines and voting lines! It will be a day off from business, but a day well spent, nonetheless!

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