Get Ready for Interviews!

Published November 8, 2012 by Maryanne


Me conducting interview for article over the summer

Not too long ago I read an inspiring blog about not making every blog about yourself, but interviewing others. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but didn’t know if my readership was large enough yet.

I checked out my stats and I actually have more readers/followers than I thought, so I figure this is an appropriate time to start interviewing other people.

Interviewing has always been my favorite part of journalism. I guess you can say I’m nosy by nature, which is a good thing in my opinion and that’s why I make a damn good journalist. People always open up to me, revealing secretive things. I always have to ask, “Are you sure this is ON THE RECORD?”

In this day and age too many people are self-centered and don’t show enough interest in others. I miss the 1980s and 1990s when people asked others questions that were none of their business.  So, I’ve decided to bring “nosy” back with some kick ass, inspiring, thought-provoking interviews!

I am excited to say I have two very talented people already lined up for near future interviews — one photographer and one screen writer!

STAY TUNED and watch me do what I do best!

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