Daffy Duck’s Mass Email

Published November 13, 2012 by Maryanne

Last week I tuned in to the Cartoon Network and found a Looney Tunes episode where Daffy Duck sent out a mass email to all his Looney Tunes friends telling them EXACTLY how he felt about them.

But then he had regrets about his actions and tried to retrieve the emails.

Aw, Daffy, don’t sell yourself short! No regrets, please! We need more honest people (or shall I say ducks?) in this world, especially when it comes to emails.

When emails first became popular to the masses, it was a blessing to me. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had horrific handwriting, but since taking a typing class in high school, I’ve been building up my speed and must be at 100 wpm by now (Five years ago I took an official typing test and it was 93 wpm with two mistakes).

And from day one, with the emails, in Daffy Duck style, I’ve been telling it like it is.

When I was alone and single, I never liked those “male bashing” emails. They are stupid and not funny at all. I’ve gotten into fights over them and even broke up with a potential boyfriend over them. I’m a diehard romantic and am not one to buy into stereotypes of any kind. So the first time I cyber bitch-slapped anyone was to let them know: “NO MALE BASHING EMAILS!” Since my marriage, I’ve lightened up a bit and sometimes find humor in SOME of them. But the point of this post is that in order to get to know each other better, we need to stand up for what we believe in and let others know how we truly feel.

One of the worst things, to me, whether it be in business or social, is having to second guess. I do not like to second guess. I like to know where I stand. If someone loves me, I want to feel the love. If someone hates me, I’d rather know about it than have to deal with a coward who: acts hot/cold, passive/aggressive and/or tosses cheap shots and digs.

Even if someone is wrong in hating me, and by wrong, I say this to people who may misunderstand where I’m coming from and not taking the effort to know me better, that is FINE. I have no problem with that. You don’t like me? Well, I don’t like you either. Done. Finished. Knowing someone dislikes you is a hundred percent better than someone who is gossiping behind your back.

And then we have the issue of Porky Pig.

Can you believe Daffy Duck failed to send Porky Pig an email? Porky Pig was totally ignored and he was upset too! What does that mean? Being ignored can be translated as so many things. For me, personally, I ignore people I think may be dangerous or relentless. Like someone who sends me a hateful, irrational or condescending email out of the blue. DELETE immediately! I do not need the drama. Best to handle in two steps: 1. Ignore. 2. Delete. Because you’re not going to change the mind of a dummy.

But Porky Pig is obviously not a psycho, so why was he ignored?  I suppose Daffy Duck merely forgot about ‘ol Pork. What does that say about Porky Pig? He’s probably just a good guy, but someone who is usually in the background so people forget about him. Sometimes people don’t make enough of an impression, so you may pass them by — not meaning to, but hey, that’s life. Or maybe Porky Pig is just hanging around with the wrong crowd. Maybe he is TOO GOOD that others can’t live up to his standards. Porky Pig’s light shines so bright that people/animals/cartoons like Daffy Duck ignore him, hoping he will go away? Oh God, I hope not! People like that are the worst because they are jealous. And jealousy is the ugliest disease!

It reminds me of a time when I was a teen and I just started working. I had my hair bleached platinum blonde to emulate Debbie Harry. Adults were still old-fashioned, after all it was the early 1980s, and adults just thought my hair was awful. (Which was fine with me). Well, one day in work I was showing an older co-worker my driver’s license, when I had my natural brown hair color.

The co-worker loved that picture of me, all natural, and was asking me to show it to everyone. There was another girl, my age, who was watching it all go down … everyone complimenting my photo of the natural hair color. I smiled at her. But she turned her head, pretending to ignore me.

Would it have killed her to give me a compliment? No, of course not. But she was so shallow and wanted the attention for herself, she couldn’t up her game and give a compliment. This is the sad state of the world, unfortunately. As I’ve been venting about pretty consistently how people are so self-absorbed they want all the attention on them, or they feel intimidated by someone they feel has something they don’t. (Hey, there is room in all of us for greatness — so know that compliments will get you a lot further than jealousy will! Try it, you may like it!)

Another time, when I first got engaged, several people were complimenting me on my engagement ring, but one girl chose to turn her head, as if it never happened. Uh, hello, it did happen! I was engaged. And now I’m married. Deal with it!

So “BOO!” to Daffy Duck for ignoring Porky, but hooray for Porky! He stood up for himself and confronted Daffy Duck. Porky wanted an email and he was going after it! Porky did not go away! GO PORKY!

This is why I say to all of you, is something on your mind today? Let the world know, Daffy Duck style. Send that email, let the world know how you really feel! Get it off your chest. Give us all some answers. Don’t keep us second guessing. You know you want to. Just press “send.” Do it!

And if you don’t get an email, be like Porky Pig — stand up for yourself and demand one! Don’t let jealous people ignore you! Let them know you are not going away!









7 comments on “Daffy Duck’s Mass Email

  • Without email I never would have met Lisa so I will always have a soft spot for electronic communication (wink.) I like it in that I am always accessible on my terms. Anyone can easily get a hold of me at any time and I can choose when to respond. A godsend. The only drawback with it is you never know when someone is being sarcastic or funny sometimes and the message doesn’t get through 100% the way it was intended. And to address the other part of your post, you’re right, it only takes a sec to compliment someone…

    • Yes, I LOVE your LOVE STORY! I also think that giving good email takes a talent so people know if you’re being sarcastic or funny. When in doubt, you can always add a smiley 🙂

      And true, it only takes a second to compliment someone .. it not only makes someone else feel good but it feels good to say it! That said, I must compliment you and say you’re one of the cool ones, Todd 🙂

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