To Pee or Not to Pee?

Published December 4, 2012 by Maryanne

santa_peeHoliday Decoration (swiped from Google search)

I’d like to know what readers think of the above Holiday decoration. Someone had this controversial holiday decoration in our neighborhood and personally I don’t like it.

When I think of Christmas, I think of children and innocence. How could they do this to Santa Claus?

Maybe this would be funny if I saw it in a movie, but not on display in a family neighborhood — with Snoopy and Rudolph and Frosty across the street. Kinda sacrilege, no?

I guess someone else didn’t like it either because today I noticed that the steam of pee was no longer coming from Santa’s lower region, but from his hand (maybe someone gave Santa a water gun).

So what do you think? Just for fun, you can share your thoughts below or take my poll or both. I’m not going to debate anyone’s opinion, I just want to read different views. It will be interesting to me.

20 comments on “To Pee or Not to Pee?

    • That’s a GREAT idea Jody! Or in a furnished basement of a bar? Just not in the middle of town. I think that’s what offended me the most. I’m protective of my cute little town šŸ™‚

  • A woman in a nearby town decided to give her neighbors the one-finger salute with Christmas lights on her roof. As with this Santa, not really the spirit of the season if you ask me. That display has been removed. What is it with humans?

    • Yeah, the more I think of it, this would be funny in a bar. I guess what took me by surprise was the setting. It’s just not something you’d expect to see in real life — maybe in an email blast as a joke?

  • Steve thinks it’s funny, I don’t.

    I agree with it maybe being in a basement bar setting but not on top of the roof of a neighborhood house.

    What happened to the good old-fashioned light bulbs like when we were kids? (Steve swallowed one of those when he was a kid, by the way!)

    I also don’t like those inflatable decorations that lay on the lawn during the day! It looks sad.

    Overall, there are few and far modern decorations I like. I prefer the “old-school” look! : )

    • I’m with you Gina! (And Dennis is too!) We love the old fashioned decorations. Wow, Steve swallowed one? How did that happen? Did he think it was candy? They sure are pretty enough to want to eat, so I can actually see that!

      • LOL! Steve said he barely remembers why (he was 5), but thinks it was a dare from his sister! Could you imagine???

        Every time we see those, and I do mean everytime, he says “I swallowed one of those when I was little!”

        I’ve been hearing this story for 24 years now. It’s like our own Christmas cartoon!

  • Hi Mary Anne,

    First, hello and Season’s Greetings. I’ll be caught up on your latest posts in a couple of days.

    As for this one, like you, I’ve never been able to appreciate this type of humor. Maybe, they think it’s harmless, but as you point out it’s on public display and, yes, it seems tacky.

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