My Top 3 Favorite Natural Products During Flu Season

Published December 12, 2012 by Maryanne

Migraine Relief

It’s flu season and even the healthiest of the lot can feel a little under the weather.

Luckily I’ve discovered three safe, all natural products that help me tremendously:

1. Migraine Relief from Ridge Crest Herbals (pictured above). If you feel it coming on, take two tablets and you can take another every three hours. In the past if I got a migraine, I’d be done for the day and in bed asap. Not anymore!

2. Sambucol Tablets. These work too. Feeling under the weather? Flu-ish? Tired and draggy? Pop one of these under the tongue every few hours and you’ll be good as new.

3. Whole Food’s 365 Brand Arnica. Achy? This works! It’s great if you have a minor backache or other little pains.


16 comments on “My Top 3 Favorite Natural Products During Flu Season

      • Sorry, don’t mean to sound argumentative, but when other people’s health is at stake, it seems appropriate. Regarding your not having had flu since 1998. Maybe you have an especially strong system, or maybe you have just been lucky.

        The CDC reports that this year flu season is early and strong. We are already averaging 1000 cases a week and five people have died from it.

        It seems to be the responsible thing to recommend folks to the most effective thing to protect themselves against the flu.

        Just sayin’

      • There is no way the math supports you. Way more people die from flu, particularly seniors, than die from the shots.

      • I’m not going to spend a morning arguing with you. You have your way of thinking that works for you. And I have mine. If you feel that strongly about it, post a blog yourself. Others liked my blog and are benefiting from it, so your comments are not necessary.

      • Thanks for the link Tony. While I disagree with you about the flu shot, you have a ton of other great info and I’ll probably follow your blog. Do you have a music blog too? I’d like to see that as well. Best wishes, Maryanne 🙂

      • Maryanne –

        Thanks very much.

        As you could probably see, I am an aging guy and my blog has tons of good stuff about healthy aging. I know you are young for that, but it is good to look forward.

        I don’t have a music blog. I am a bike rider and my second blog is about the beauty of the Chicago Lakefront. It’s only a couple months old.



        That blog is

      • Tony, oh I am aging too! I am 49 and I love it! Healthy aging is awesome and I want to remain active and enjoy my golden years as much as possible.

        I read your entry about Bobby Gentry and you wrote about another blog, so I thought it might be about music. I’d love to read about Chicago too though. I was there briefly for a business trip and the little I saw I loved.


      • Maryanne –

        Thanks, I am attaching a link to my other blog. I mainly write about riding my bike on Chicago’s lakefront and shoot pics, but I have written several posts on music.

        I don’t play, but music is absolutely a part of my daily life.

        Here is the link:

        I sent this to you in another reply, but don’t know if you will get it there or not.



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