Last Meal, Anyone?

Published December 20, 2012 by Maryanne

Barbecue chips

No more tomorrows? Bring on the chips!

If the world was really going to end tomorrow, how would you eat today?

If you didn’t have to worry about being bloated tomorrow, gaining weight, having sensitive teeth from sweets, having a hangover, having a stomach ache or headache, having garlic breath, having a heart attack, diabetes, etc. — WHAT WOULD YOU EAT?

This is a typical day for me:

Breakfast: Organic green smoothie (kale, apple, lemon) with chia seeds; non-homogenized plain yogurt with organic blueberries, brewer’s yeast, and a green kombucha.

Lunch: Organic salad with quinoa. Another kombucha (either green or w/chia seeds). Maybe an organic coffee.

Dinner: Dreamfield’s pasta (has a great carb/protein ratio), another salad, maybe a sweet potato.

Treats: May include Annie’s bunnies crackers or Justine’s (or Paul Newman’s) dark chocolate bar w/peanut butter. Once in a blue moon French fries.

My drink: Unfiltered pearl sake; or organic wine.

Okay, END OF THE WORLD DAY MENU! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Note: This is what I realistically think I can handle in a single meal sitting).

Breakfast: An entire LARGE bag of Wise barbecue potato chips with rennetless wine cheese on every chip. A freshly baked bagel with thick honey mustard.

Lunch: Pasta (WHITE, not whole grain or low carb) with marinara sauce, and few pieces of Wonder Bread to dip in the sauce or a Fluffernutter sandwich on Wonder Bread.

Dinner: A vegetarian version of mu-shu, eating about four pancakes. A pack of Jolly Ranchers. And a couple White Russians.


27 comments on “Last Meal, Anyone?

  • Last Meals Menu

    Breakfast – Waffles with pecans in the batter, not just sprinkled on top, sausage patties, cherry pop tarts and hash browns and apple juice.

    Lunch – Chicken finger basket with Texas toast, french fries and gravy and a large root beer.

    Dinner – Large boneless pork chop, rice and gravy, French fries, butter pecan ice cream, pecan pie and egg nog.

  • Breakfast: A 5 egg omelet with lots of cheddar cheese, peppers & onions. Buttered wheat toast & a mimosa made with top shelf extra dry champagne & fresh squeezed OJ.

    Lunch: A chicken habanero burrito made by the chef of the now defunct Papa’s of Lodi, NJ. If you ever had one…it needs no explanation. If you haven’t, I feel for your loss. …and an ice cold glass of spring water.

    Dinner: A dry-aged Porterhouse steak with onion gravy on the side, twice baked potato, Foie Gras made by Eduardo Sousa of Spain on petite toasted artisan bread, a vanilla milkshake and for desert…homemade cherry pie, toasted buttered pound cake, vanilla ice cream with strawberries, chocolate fudge sauce & whipped cream and another glass of spring water.

  • I LOVE your food choices and I also love Andrew’s! LOL big time!

    Here are mine

    Breakfast: Hagen Daz, bagels with cream cheese,coffee with Baileys, Godiva chocolate

    Lunch: Hagen Daz w/ Grey Goose, indian food, Swedish Fish

    Dinner: Hagen Daz, fettucine alfredo, mexican food, lots of gourmet cheeses, gin & tonics

    Snack: Hagen Daz, Lemon Heads, Werthers, and any other candy!

    Yes, I have not had an alcoholic beverage in a while…can’t you tell?

    • OMG, I think you WIN for mentioning the most things I like but forgot about! Definitely Hagen Daz, bagels with cream cheese (strawberry cream cheese!!), Indian food, fettucine (I still remember the first time I had it at an Italian restaurant in NYC — every Monday afterward, I’d go to the Italian Table in Wayne and have it for lunch with my mom — with a White Russian!) … Also Haribo’s gummy bears — if the pigs are gonna die anyway, bring on the gelatin! LOL! And speaking of chocolate, I LOVE Lindt’s the best!

      Yeah, I’m surprised that my non-drinking friends are putting alcoholic beverages — I guess the end of the world brings that out in you! xoxox

  • Goodness. Lash out! To hell with the whole grain pasta! lol. Sorry, but while your diet sounds incredibly good for you, it really doesn’t sound like that much fun. Maybe you could pretend that once a week or once a fortnight it’s the end of the world and enjoy something decadent! Have you heard of Max Brenner chocolate restaurants? Now THAT’S what I”m talking about! lol xo 🙂 BTW thanks for sharing your menu – it made me think about what I’d eat on the last day. Today at work the boss shoulted us all Turkish food and it was great!

    • Aww, no worries, there are healthier versions of fun food that I partake in and I do have something decadent — as a treat not as a lifestyle. I think I mentioned I do sometimes have French fries. And on Sundays I may have a bagel. Plus other goodies, when I’m feeling it 🙂

  • Hello Andrew
    I am a huge hot sauce fan and think Blair’s Death Sauce is one of the hottest. Maybe your son has tried it, if not, he should. I think a salesperson said it can take the varnish off of hard wood floors! I also know that there are some hot sauces that you have to sign a waiver for!
    Happy, healthy holidays to you!

    • Hi Gina
      I don’t know if my son has tried Blair’s Death Sauce, but am not too enamored with that name as it has a bad connotation. If it can take the varnish off hardwood floors, no telling what it would do to the insides of a stomach. I think I will avoid any hot sauces requiring a waiver.

      Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

      • Hi Andrew
        I completely understand! : )

        The only reason I tried it is that I received it as a gift. One in liquid form and one in powder. Do you believe the powder lasted about 3 years?!

        We would put a dash in a large pot of chili and it was HOT!

      • Gina, The powder would have lasted longer than 3 years at our house, unless my son happened to be in town for an extended stay. I can imagine how hot that chili was. That reminds me of the time my son-in-law and grandson ordered hot wings and when they were brought to the table, they found out what hot wings means and couldn’t even eat them.

  • Maryanne, thank you for stopping and liking a post. This post added some levity and the survey echoes the way people would deal with the end if they knew it was coming. I look forward to following your blog.

    Take care,


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