Symbolism of Deer and Christmas Magic

Published December 23, 2012 by Maryanne

Christmas deerPhoto swiped from Google search

For most of my adult life I’ve been lucky to live near wooded areas where deer roam freely. I’ve always thought of deer as beautiful, elegant creatures. The deer spirit represents peace and adventure.

Without fail, every Christmas season that I am alone with my husband somewhere, a deer magically appears out of nowhere. Last night we were simply shopping for our holiday party and a deer crossed our path.

Our first Christmas deer appeared to us when we first started dating, after a Christmas party. We spotted a small deer in a wooded area, stopped the car and admired the sight.

I started softly singing, “There’s Always Tomorrow (for dreams to come true)” — the song that Clarice sang to Rudolph in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

Clarice and Rudolph“I think it’s a lovely nose!”

Then I realized I am singing to a professional musician — off key — so I stopped singing.

“Keep singing!” Dennis encouraged.

And, to me, that was the magic of our first Christmas; having someone love me unconditionally, including my off-key singing. From that moment on I always sang to Dennis. And I am getting better. Sometimes he’ll even say, “Very good!”

It’s a beautiful, peaceful feeling to fall in love with someone who loves you just as you are, and to share your adventures with, which is probably why Santa sends us his magic each Christmas in the form of a deer spirit.

Watch for signs that Santa is sending to YOU!

People from all over the world believe in Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.

When you believe, his magic will appear — sometimes out of nowhere!

Thomas Nast Santa

Drawing by Thomas Nast

7 comments on “Symbolism of Deer and Christmas Magic

  • Awwww, I love this. It is a very romantic and sweet story of your experiences with deer.

    It’s magical.

    I love that you and Dennis have such beautiful memories (past and current) with these beautiful creatures.

    I just adore them and think they are such a miraculous creation from God.

    Keep singing….it’s not what you sound like, it’s the sentiment behind it.

    Besides, NO one could be more off-key than me! The dogs howl when I sing, so I mostly do it alone, or when I really want to bug Steve! Hee, hee!!!!!

    • Aww, thanks for your kind words, as always, Gina!

      Funny about the dogs howling … one summer night I was upstairs and Dennis was working in his shed. For the fun of it, I started howling. Dennis starts looking all around and didn’t realize it was me. Then all the dogs in the neighborhood starting barking!!! Then he finally looks up at the window, sees me howling and starts cracking up 🙂

      • That is hysterical!! I can’t believe he didn’t realize it was you! LOL!

        Don’t you just love those moments that you remember forever??

        Speaking of howling, I blow my nose really loud (never found out why and it’s embarrassing) and one of the neighborhood dogs starting howling after that. Steve cracked up like crazy!

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