Doing the Mouse in my Sleep

Published January 4, 2013 by Maryanne

Soupy SalesThe late, great Soupy Sales

I’ve written before that I believe in dreams and omens.

Twice in my life, I heard the song, “The Mouse” by Soupy Sales in a dream, which was a childhood favorite song of mine. The first time I was taking a nap in the afternoon. I dreamed of the entire song that I had in my record collection as a little girl. In the dream the song played exactly as it did on the record, with the skips and all, from start to finish.

This was back in 2005, the first year I was with Dennis. It was a very happy, carefree time in my life and after that “Mouse” dream, life was just off the hook ecstatic with lots of fun times ahead.

Last night I dreamed of “The Mouse” again! This time I was hosting a radio show with two of my clients and “The Mouse” was one of the songs I played.

I take that as another omen of a fun ride ahead! This time in business! In the upcoming weeks I’ll be starting a brand new agenda with both new and old clients. I’ll be doing promotional and writing work with health care practitioners and continuing to promote my musicians. It will be a variety, working with fun/upbeat people.

You can follow my home-based business career by tuning into my website: If you go to the archives you can see how much business grew and changed over the past four years that I’ve been doing this. Come this summer, it will be five years that I’ve been in business for myself after leaving a career in journalism (which I still pursue from time to time, writing for various magazines and online newspapers).

Clients come and go and come back. That’s the nature of it. There are periods of Pear Tree where I am just going through the motions of having a home-based business, grateful to be doing this, but then there are periods when I am absolutely thrilled to be alive because I’m working with my favorite people, doing stuff I really love and every day is super exciting. This is now one of them and I’m beyond joyful that it’s happening for me again!

And, here is “The Mouse” to listen to so maybe it can stick in your head too, bring you a fun dream, with fun stuff in life to follow!

5 comments on “Doing the Mouse in my Sleep

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    Sent from my iPhone !!!~(*v*)~>^:^<!!! ƸӜƷ*~* ☾~✼* ✼~☀✼♩ ♫_❤*★

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