Gable & Lombard

Published January 7, 2013 by Maryanne

Gable & LombardBeautiful couple, the late Clark Gable & the late Carol Lombard in their home

Several months ago I watched “Gable & Lombard” on On Demand.

I remember seeing that movie in the theater with my mother in the 1970s. It starred James Brolin and Jill Clayburgh. The movie was so well done in capturing your attention and making you fall in love with the characters, I was so excited to watch it again so many years later.

After watching the movie this time, I Googled the real Gable & Lombard and it seems the movie was true to real life. Carol Lombard really was the love of Clark Gable’s life.

I found so many gorgeous photos of them, but being an animal lover, the above is my absolute favorite.


One comment on “Gable & Lombard

  • Wow, what a gorgeous couple! I love the photo as well since their cats look like my kitties! I’ll have to check that movie out. I love Jill Clayburgh and was very sad when she died. James Brolin is so handsome, even to this very day.

    It’s awesome that you remember going to the movies with your mom. What a sweet memory!

    It’s nice to watch people in love!

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