The Day I Confused The Peabody with The Pee Wee Herman

Published January 12, 2013 by Maryanne

PeabodyThe Peabody dance

In memory of my Grandmother, RIP, August, 1918 to January, 1995

I loved to tease my Grandmother because she was a feisty old Italian Grandma and she’d really get riled up.

One afternoon she was watching television and I decided to make her laugh and said I was going to do the Peabody for her.

She excited looked away from the television set and started watching me.

I began to hum the tune of “Tequila” and did the Pee Wee Herman dance.

“That’s not the Peabody.”

“Yes it is! I’m doing the Peabody”

“Oh, go on, you’re ruining it! That’s a beautiful dance and you’re ruining it! That’s not the Peabody”

“This is the Peabody! I’m doing the Peabody.” I continued to dance like Pee Wee all around the living room and still humming “Tequila.”

“No, no, no, you goddamn jerk! Such a nice dance and you’re ruining it!” I kept singing and dancing.

You just gotta love those feisty old Italian Grandmas!


pee wee hermanPee Wee Herman

4 comments on “The Day I Confused The Peabody with The Pee Wee Herman

  • What a funny story! I can just picture you too!

    Grandmothers are the best, aren’t they? I miss mine every day and I’m sure you miss yours too.

    There is nothing like a grandmother’s love and kindness.

    • Thanks Gina! Yeah, I needed to write a funny story after writing a bittersweet one earlier (see “Google Me” when I talk about the night my grandmother died).

      Grandmas are the best, I always say that!

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