The Other F Word

Published January 13, 2013 by Maryanne

The other F WordStill from “The Other F Word”

As I said a few days ago, winter is the best time for discovering great movies.

This morning I watched “The Other F Word” which was a spectacular documentary about punk rock dads and their families. (So the other F word was “Fatherhood.”)

I’m a big fan of punk rock, but this movie was aimed at the generation after mine. While I loved The Clash, Sex Pistols, Chelsea, the Dickies, etc., this movie was geared at the next generation: Pennywise, Blink 182 and NOFX (but had some old school bands I loved like Black Flag — in the very beginning pre-Henry Rollins, which I preferred — and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers).

The movie was unbelievably touching and in a way heart-breaking. These bad ass punks totally turned to mush when they spoke about their families and hating being on the road because they missed them and missed out on so much of their children’s lives.

But what really got me all choked up was how many of these musicians came from broken homes and their hurts and struggles because of it.

While I’m not a dad or a punk musician (well, I was as a teen), I still related to the movie so much because it has a lot to say about growing as a person. I’ve confided to some of my good friends that I think a lot of my other friends didn’t keep in touch with me because they expected me to be a punk rock chick for the rest of my life and not change, grow or get married. (Which is sad, on their part). Moving on is a beautiful, euphoric thing. Those who get it, know it!

You can definitely grow as a person and still have punk rock in your heart. True punk rock means standing up for yourself not just as a teenager, but as an adult and what you should be doing as an adult: being responsible for the best interest of those you love.

I have the highest respect for those who left their bands to be with their families, even taking on working class jobs instead of being a musician and not looking back.  These punk rock dads were trying to give their kids the support that they lacked from their own dads while growing up, which is so inspiring. You go Dad!

This world definitely needs more punk rock dads!

12 comments on “The Other F Word

  • Cool post, this sounds great. This is very much the generation of punk that I grew up on. I know that Jim, the singer from Pennywise also wrote a book called Punk Rock dad which I presume tackles many of the same subjects.

    I also like your definition of punk. It doesn’t matter what color your hair is, it matters that you live authentically and that you are open to change and evolution of the spirit 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  • That sounds like a great movie. Where did you find it?

    The best part of moving on and forward and not being outwardly punk, is that no one can tell you’re punk rock on the inside…so some people may be pleasantly (or unpleasantly,depending on the situation) surprised!

    • Hi Gina,

      It was on Showtime On Demand. Ha-ha, that’s a good point about people not knowing you’re punk — although someone once told me it comes from within and she could tell I was punk no matter what 🙂

  • I was fully into the new wave punk (blink, etc) when I was younger. I’ve left the tartan skirts, dog collars, fishnets and armyboots behind but in my soul, I’ll always be punk rock. I’ve moved on and grown but always love that part of my life. And yeah, punk rockers are just normal people, as you can see by the tenderness they show for their kids and families.x o

  • Ozzy Osbourne. Do you remember the reality show The Osbournes? The hard rocking, heavy metal, Prince of Darkness turned out to be a humorous, loving husband and dad. I never saw Ozzy as the Prince of Darkness again. There’s a lot more to Ozzy than being just a head banger. I don’t have a punk rock heart, but like you, I do have a heavy metal heart which now and then beats hard..real hard and reminds me, “You still got it! (Sort of.)”

    We are a lot more than the phases of our lives which are just pieces of a puzzle which makes us who we are today.

    I miss the original Guns & Roses.

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