The Carrie Diaries — too many mistakes

Published January 15, 2013 by Maryanne


When it came to “Sex and the City” I was a late bloomer. I just started watching the show two summers ago during a down-time in my business. But I was hooked immediately and soon saw every single episode including the two full length movies.

So I was excited to watch “The Carrie Diaries” which is the beginning of Carrie Bradshaw’s life.

Mind you, I’ve yet to read the actual books, but I was already turned off by some of the inaccuracies that popped out in the television show. First of all, this show takes place in 1984 and Carrie just turned 16. The “Sex and the City” show started in 1998 and the characters were supposed to be in their mid-30s (there was even an early episode about women in their 20s, versus women in their 30s). The Samantha character was the only one that was supposed to be older. But if you do the math and Carrie was 16 in 1984, she’d only be 30 in 1998 when the series began — so this is a few years off.

Now, being the music fanatic I am, I immediately noticed when they played “Material Girl” by Madonna, which came out in 1985, not 1984.

I have to admit I feel asleep during parts of the show, not because I thought it was boring, but I have a bit of a cold. So I did miss some parts. When I watched it the second time it was on, I fell asleep during those same parts, so I missed the whole part about how she met the writer from Interview.

Another big mistake was that in the original Sex and the City, Carrie’s dad leaves her and her family and she refers to him as a “deadbeat dad” but in this show he’s loving and adoring. I never knew Carrie had a sister either.

I do think the Carrie actress, Annasophia Robb, is adorable and great as a young Carrie.

I love all the music, even the remakes of some 1980s songs. But I do think it lacks a lot of authenticity, as most shows do when they try to capture an earlier decade, always sneaking way too much modern stuff in, which is why I stopped watching “That 70s Show.”

I want to like this show so I will give it another chance, but like Carrie Bradshaw, since I’m a writer myself, the typos may be  just too much to handle.

4 comments on “The Carrie Diaries — too many mistakes

    • It’s a brand new television show. It goes on Monday nights at 8 p.m. I’m going to give it once more chance next week. There is depth in the story line, but something is definitely missing. While the acting is great, it lacks the charm of the original. It might be too “young” for me to be honest. It’s more like a teenager’s show.

  • Do you know I have NEVER seen one single episode of Sex In The City? But I have always wanted to check it out. I’m not one to go looking for something to watch, so i probably wont ever watch it, but I agree with you that the actress in The Carrie Diaries is absolutely adorable, but once I realized it was a prequel to Sex in the City, I questioned her wardrobe I saw in the adverts for the show – her clothes seemed way to current to be from the 80’s….just an observation – but I haven’t seen an episode yet, so perhaps I am being too judgmental 🙂

    • Yeah, that was me two summers ago. I had ZERO interest in that show, but I tuned in accidentally during a slow period in my work and was hooked. Yeah, the outfits are definitely not exactly 1980s. That’s what I said in this blog, all shows that try to be retro never quite nail it, from “Happy Days” to “That 70s Show” to this — they always slip way too much modern in.

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