American Idle

Published January 17, 2013 by Maryanne

American Idol

American Idol is another show I was late jumping on the band wagon for. I was first intrigued after seeing a clip of Adam Lambert performing. My sister was a huge fan. One day I was at her home. All the women were in the living room watching Adam Lambert videos that my sister compiled. We were all so intrigued another woman was stuck in the bathroom (the door was jammed) for 20 minutes before anyone realized. Yeah, Adam is a hottie.

Then the following year I watched the show because Steven Tyler was a judge. I’ve been an Aerosmith fan since I was 13, and I was friends with Steve Tyler’s late wife Cyrinda Foxe. I attended her funeral and met Tyler. When I offered my condolences, he thanked me for my kind words and gave me a big hug. So, hell yeah, I made sure I watched every episode that Steve Tyler was on. And he delivered. He was funny as hell, sincere and encouraging to the kids. As great on screen as he is off.

Thanks to Steve Tyler, I fell in love with American Idol. Those young performers were terrific. The judges had a great chemistry. It just worked. For two years I was a part of what I was missing since the show debuted almost a decade prior.

Last night I watched a mere five minutes, with the new judges (except for Randy Jackson) and all I saw was bickering between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Was this drama real or fake for publicity? I don’t know, but I didn’t like it.

To me, bickering between judges takes away from the talent of the kids. And remember, this is a family show.

I am almost 50-years-old and miss the variety shows I loved growing up. The ones I remember were  “Sonny & Cher,” “Tony Orlando & Dawn,” “The Dean Martin Show,” “The Tom Jones Show.”

These shows were extremely entertaining. Yeah, if you have them on DVD some of the old jokes were corny, but everyone came across as professional. If there ever was any drama, you may read about it in the tabloids, it wasn’t in your face. You could disappear into a fantasy world for one hour and pretend that everything was good and everyone liked each other. You didn’t even know Sonny & Cher were going through a divorce. They gave the audience what they wanted, a beloved couple that knew how to entertain with talent and not resorting to taking the low road.

What was that old saying in show business, and a Queen song as well? The answer is: The show must go on!  If Sonny & Cher could do it, why can’t these judges just shut the hell up and act like professionals?!

“American Idol” is the closest thing this generation has to a good old fashioned variety show. It has it all: talent, comedy and fashion. And I love the mini documentaries on where the kids came from and what their story is. Some are heart-breaking and all are inspiring. But, sadly, now the Fox network show is low-balling the audience with drama and taking away from the kids and their performances.

Is this supposed to give the show higher ratings? Probably. This is what seems to be the American way. We seemed to have reached a pinnacle in TV Land where innocence is lost on all levels and unless there is *bleeping* words out left and right and people are trashing each other, our attention is lost.

8 comments on “American Idle

  • Maryanne, you hit the nail on the head with this post! I couldn’t agree more with you! That’s one of the reasons i hardly ever watch contemporary sitcoms and shows – all the bickering, the bitchy remarks, hosts/ judges being mean… To me it’s not entertaining, it comes across more as bullying than anything else. Tv shows did change radically over time , but , sadly, not for better.

    • Yes, that’s a great way to put it, “bullying.” Why would someone on television want an entire set of viewers (and American Idol has millions) to see their bad side? If you can’t be professional for a mere two hours that you’re on the air, I feel you’re in the wrong business. Same with America’s Next Top Model. That would be a beautiful show if the contestants weren’t always at each others throats. Okay, maybe that’s reality, but television is supposed to be an escape from reality. If I wanted bickering I would have stayed working in a newsroom 🙂

  • I think Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez really cared about the contestants and was hoping they would return. I have a feeling that Nicky Minaj and Mariah Carey will cause the ratings for American Idol to dip to an all-time low this season. The bickering between the two judges will overshadow the contestants, unless they can check their hatred for each other at the door, before taking their places on the panel. Our DISH lineup doesn’t include Fox, so we have to manually change over to antenna to view Fox shows. American Idol will have to be good, for us to make the switch every time it is shown.

    • Yes, you’re exactly right! I was watching it again a little bit last night and Nicky Minaj was being really nice to the contestants, but it was over-bearing and came across as fake. I think Mariah Carey is a sweet-heart, but she gets too wrapped up in the drama when she should just let it go.

      I don’t know … maybe some people think it’s funny?

    • Yes, they were the BEST! I made a typo in my post — I just edited to read “almost 50” as I will be 50 on Aug. 19 of this year. I think I’m just way too excited to be a senior. I’m one of these weird people who always wants to be older instead of younger. I just love the peace and wisdom 🙂

      But back to the television shows … I loved when Tony Orlando used to go in the audience and kiss all the old people on the head. He was so much fun. Telma Hopkins was a hoot, she was gorgeous and funny like Cher. When Tom Jones was on, I wasn’t even allowed to talk — my mom was so obsessed! 🙂

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