Hey, Good Lookin’! You’re Amazing! You Rock! You’re the Best! You Inspire Me!

Published January 24, 2013 by Maryanne


Happy Compliment Day to All!

I want to take a minute to say “thanks” to everyone who likes my blog.

As a professional writer, throughout the years I’ve written about so many things I love, but there were many times I was assigned to write about things that didn’t particularly interest me. But having a blog is the best because I can write regularly, straight from the heart. So whoever likes what I write is connecting with the real deal here!

Out of all the online media venues, I have to say I respect the blogging community the most. Everyone “plays nice.” There is minimal drama and in a lot of ways the blogging community is like a little family. It’s so cool when I go to press “like” on someone’s blog and I see a comment from another person’s blog that I follow. It really brings a smile to my face — a big one!

My compliment to all my readers is that I just love all the great insights and thought that you put into commenting on my blog.

Of course it means the world to me and is a great part of my day!

So, enjoy Compliment Day by paying it forward! Don’t be shy, let’s make Compliment Day a trend that carries throughout the year. Nothing like a sincere compliment to really make someone’s day. Open your eyes to the good things around you! Notice someone’s new haircut. Let someone know you appreciate his/her sense of humor. If someone holds the door open for you or gives your car a break on the highway, acknowledge that with a “thank-you,” smile or nod of your head.

(And note: when someone gives you a compliment, receive it well. Don’t downplay your greatness by saying things such as, “No, I’m not that great” or “No, I look awful today.” because you will make the person giving the compliment feel bad. Just accept that someone thinks you are great, good-looking, lovable, have a cool purse or gorgeous hair — and GO WITH IT!)


In addition to Compliment Day, it’s also the birthday of someone super special who likes to keep the birthday low key.

So in order to keep it low key and simple, I’ll just say that this very special person took the above photo, which is one of my all-time favorite pictures, and the headline of this post is for him.


13 comments on “Hey, Good Lookin’! You’re Amazing! You Rock! You’re the Best! You Inspire Me!

  • Here’s a compliment for you: My humans and I love the positive space that you have created with your blog. You inspire us, entertain us, and educate us. You are a special human, and we are so happy to “know” you . . . in a bloggy sort of way!

  • Happy Compliments Day, Maryanne! You have a fabulous blog and I just love visiting!

    On a side note: we were out at dinner one night and the waiter brought a bowl of fruit to the table and said, ‘This is your complimentary fruit bowl,’ My daughter, who never misses a trick, began saying to the bowl, ‘thank you!’ I asked her what she was doing and she said, ‘the fruit bowl is so complimentary that I’m thanking it for all the lovely compliments is giving me.’ LOL πŸ˜€

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