That Offensive “B” Word

Published January 25, 2013 by Maryanne

SummerMe, as a blonde, 2008

I absolutely CRINGE when I hear a woman referring to another as a  “bimbo.” So much for sisterhood, right?

According to Wikipedia: Bimbo is a mildly derogatory slang term that typically describes an attractive but observably behaviourally unintelligent woman.

First, there is no such thing as “mildly (another word I hate) derogatory.” Something is either derogatory or it isn’t — period!

Second, who is to say what is “behaviourally unintelligent,” especially when name calling is behaviourally unintelligent in its own right? It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. If someone is a little ditzy (now there’s a word I do like because it’s less offensive and everyone can relate to it), it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Think “I Love Lucy” or “Three’s Company” where ditzy women made others laugh. They were funny and lovable characters. My husband calls me “Lucy” all the time because, it’s true, I am a ditz. I’m clumsy, I do things too fast and I’m always in these hilarious scenarios that a lot of people say remind them of a “Seinfeld” episode. The good news is, I may not be the smartest chick on the block, but I make people smile and that’s a good thing.

What people need to understand is that not everyone is going to have the highest IQ or get the best job or breeze through college.

And even if someone does have a high IQ or is gifted with being smart, it doesn’t necessary make someone better than someone else. I know a lot of  “smart” people who lack social skills or are insensitive or are very intelligent in a certain area but limited in other areas making it hard to converse with such a person unless he/she is talking about his/her job.

That said, maybe intelligence is a little over rated? Sometimes I think so. I’d definitely trade in my writing award if I could be a little more loving and patient during my period.

Let me put things into further perspective for you. If I say the name “Nancy Spungeon” you won’t know who I’m talking about. But if I say, “Sid & Nancy” or “Sex Pistols” you know who she is. Now, Nancy Spungeon had a genius IQ of 179 yet she couldn’t make her way in this world, ending up a heroin addict and dead at 21 for being in the wrong place at the right time. Many have referred to Nancy Spungeon as a “dumb bimbo.” See where I’m going with this? Nancy was very smart, not dumb at all. But she grew up in a time when depression wasn’t fully explored. That poor kid never got the help she needed, may she rest in peace.

Life isn’t always fair and we all have to work with the cards we are dealt with. Some of us have challenges like dyslexia (that would be me!) or OCD or ADD or other learning disabilities that make us struggle a lot more than others. Others may be struggling with depression. Or maybe sometimes we just do and say dumb things because of our nerves and the words just don’t come out right.

You just never know!

So if anyone reading throws the “bimbo” word around a little too loosely, maybe this post will make you think twice before having an acid tongue in regard to others. Everyone has something to add to this world and you can learn something from anyone if you listen hard enough. Just give others a chance, don’t write them off so quickly as a “bimbo.”

Let’s just stop using that offensive word once and for all and bring sisterhood back into the 21st Century.

Let’s keep it really real, ladies!


26 comments on “That Offensive “B” Word

  • Maryanne, You are the smartest chick in the blog world. No telling how many Nancy Spungeons have wasted high IQ’s. It is like Amy Winehouse, who was one of the best singers and made her last recording with Tony Bennett duet of “Body and Soul”. Tony had to say this about her after her passing:

    “What I love about Amy Winehouse is that, of all the singers since the Beatles, you automatically check everyone out who’s a lot younger, but there’s been such a big walk away from jazz,” Bennett told EW‘s Melissa Maerz. “Some people think that anyone could sing jazz, but they can’t. It’s a gift of learning how to syncopate but it’s also a spirit that you’re either born with or you’re not. And Amy was born with that spirit.”

    • Aww, Andrew, thanks so much! With all you’ve accomplished in your life, it’s such a compliment to hear from you! And yes, that’s definitely another spin on it. I adored Amy Winehouse and cried so much when she died. I have a couple of her CDs that I listen to from time to time.

  • When we see women who are comedians (I Love Lucy – for example) Lucille Ball was highly intelligent (in business) and made a lot of money from making people laugh. ‘Intelligence’ as such doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a more worthy human being. I think the ‘B’ word comes from a fear of attractive women who don’t necessarily speak like Einstein. My father was a mathematical genius, but we used to joke that he couldn’t even tie his own shoelaces and had very little ‘common sense’.

    You’re so right – ‘intelligence’ is totally overrated and the ‘B’ word is just a hangover from a unforgiving society.

    • I knew a mathematics professor who taught at college where my father taught, that showed up at class wearing two ties and sometimes would write math problems in the wrong classroom. The one that takes the cake though is when he went to gas station to get gasoline and his wife and daughter went to restroom. He drives off leaving both of them at the station.

      • Our niece was on the homecoming court last year and the kids picked on her so much about it that she didn’t want to go to school and is being home schooled this year. High school kids can be cruel.

    • Wow, you’re lucky, Marie! I’ve been called both! But I agree in preferring “bitch” because the times I was called that it was because I stood up for myself. (And of course the name calling came from another woman).

      • Oh, I’m not saying I’ve never been called a Bitch, and for sure it is always when I have stood up for myself…
        but last night after reading your post I was watching Seinfeld. how do you feel about Mimbo? (a man who is a bimbo). ha ha. I thought is was funny, especially given the timing of it.

      • LOL, I never heard of a “mimbo” I thought they were “bambos” like Pebbles and Bam Bam — stone aged guy who didn’t know much? That’s what we said in the 1980s anyway …Then in the 1990s I called those types “neanderthals.” I guess it’s less condescending because it refers to a close-minded person, and they often pick on others anyway, so it’s good to call them out on their crap.

  • Thanks for your continuing love and sisterhood, us girls should stick together. NO NAME calling. 😀

    I tried to give safety advice to a group of people that had been in a four car pile up… and a young (20ish) female told me to “F@#K off”

    My concern was that the last vehicle was not visable at night without hazard lights on in the rain… but this young lady chose to be abusive?

    Not SMART at ALL (probably off topic alittle bit) 😛

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