Pastor Bell, Do the Math!

Published February 2, 2013 by Maryanne

TIPPastor wrote “I give God 10% why do you get 18” on a restaurant receipt

And didn’t leave tip!

By now I’m sure most people heard what happened a couple days ago when Pastor Alois Bell dined at Applebees, didn’t leave a tip and wrote the above note on the credit card receipt.

Now let’s think about this for a minute and do some basic math.

So the norm is to give 20 percent tips to waitstaff and 10 percent of our paycheck to God.

But then when you think of how waitresses make less than minimum wage and survive on their tips, 20 percent of a tip, even 18 percent, is a lot less than God’s 10 percent of your entire paycheck! I highly doubt many people will eat a meal that takes up an entire paycheck.

For example, say you make $500 a week and give 10 percent ($50) to God on a weekly basis and you go out to eat on a Friday night and the bill comes to $100; 20 percent to the waitress will be $20. God makes more than double! (You go God!)

Even if you consider adding their hourly wage (which is paid by the restaurant owner — not the customer!) which can be as low as $2.10, the total of the tip would be $22.10 for an hour’s dining experience, which means God is still getting more than double!

If Pastor Bell couldn’t figure that out, it makes me wonder …

Perhaps Bible College should add “Basic Math” to their required courses?

12 comments on “Pastor Bell, Do the Math!

  • Wow! …Well I’m sure god appreciated you going through all the trouble of doing the math on this Maryanne, and it seems pretty damn obvious that you’re spot-on with it! I also think in this case my (usual) built-in respect for men and women of the cloth goes out the window. Plainly stated I hate when anyone hides behind “god” to mask their rude, dumb ass ignorance and arrogance! Pastor Bell- WAKE UP! This is real life, not a story in the bible!

    • Yes, definitely! It’s so sad people like Pastor Bell turn others off to the church. But just like anything else, seek and you shall find. It took me a LONG time but I finally found a church I decided to become a member at 🙂

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