My Poetry, Inspired by HIM

Published February 7, 2013 by Maryanne

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As some of you know, HIM is one of my favorite bands. They describe their music as “Love Metal.”

I have all their albums and have seen the band twice, once in NYC and once in New Jersey.

When I first discovered the band, around 2004, I was so inspired by them I wrote a ton of poetry. Their songs are over the top romantic, even if the romance goes further than mortal love and the leading characters end up like Romeo and Juliet. And if the love doesn’t end in death, it will be a very tragic break up, although there are some happily ever after songs like, “Right Here in Your Arms.”

The lyrics and music of HIM have so much depth and I channeled their talents and came up with some poetry I’d like to share (one was even posted on the Italian HIM website years ago). But first, I’d like you to hear the band, if you already haven’t. So, before you read my poems, please check out these few songs, so you get the gist of where I’m coming from with the poetry.

Because, darling you died

You were so beautiful inside,

But “were” is all I know

Because, darling, you died.

No more doubt, no guilt, no fear,

And it’s all right.

You belong to this world, here,

And I was always before my time.

I can live without you. You don’t realize

You were gone for sometime,

Because, darling you died.

I won’t cry. No I won’t cry

Not in your eyes

We were so close this time,

Beautiful darling of mine.

Our love would burn, so full of fire,

So full of dreams, our heaven’s desire.

But what’s gone wrong? It’s not in your eyes.

You don’t feel the same way inside.

Darling, I miss you,

And the way I loved you,

When our hearts felt the same,

The way your eyes used to shine,

Holding your body next to mine.

But what’s gone wrong? It’s not in your eues.

You don’t feel the same way inside.

Love is a sin

Our loss of love is a sin,

Neither of us will ever win.

We don’t want to stay.

But we will never escape.

We’re so lost, my love,

We want to find a way,

So we stay strong.

But, Darling, we’re so wrong

All poetry by Mary Anne Christiano, copyright, 2005

Note: These poems were copy written under my maiden name. After I married, I altered my first name and started using “Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta” professionally, and simply “Maryanne Mistretta” casually.


I bet these poems surprised a lot of people who see my postings as super happy and positive! And believe me, I was very happy when I wrote these.  I was high on life and living mostly on raw foods! This just illustrates how creative a person can be — and how they could fool everyone.

These poems were not written for anyone in particular. Before I met my husband, I always viewed my break-ups as an opportunity to meet someone more suited for me. If I was ever hurt, I cried maybe a day. (Let this be an inspiration to all you single ladies out there!)

It felt good to write these and tap into something amazing inside me. Often when I write more creatively like this, I like to go super intense. I may be working on some avant-garde, spoken word stuff in the very near future, so this is the direction I always go.

The last time I was truly unhappy was between 1995 and 2001, mourning the death of my grandmother. Then for some reason I started doing more positive things like taking care of my health and aiming for happiness rather than wallowing in sadness.

In this day and age, it surprises me that some still think you have to be depressed to have a creative edge. These poems are proof that’s not true.

16 comments on “My Poetry, Inspired by HIM

  • Love it. I have the intense moments you speak of too. I enjoyed HIM as well. (I’ve never listened to them before your blog). People do have a tendency to think poetry has to be “dark” and I don’t understand that either. Obviously there is a place for all kinds of emotions in writing/poetry but like you, I’m not a dweller. I like to try a bit of everything, stay open and challenge myself. Sounds like you do as well. I enjoyed this post.

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