My Friend Diane

Published February 19, 2013 by Maryanne

Mare and DianeMe (left) and Diane, mid-1990s

Diane Mike MaryanneDiane, Mike (her hubby) and Me (outdoor concert, summer 2007)

One of the coolest people in my life is my friend Diane.

And you know how the best things happen when you least expect them?

To me, birthdays are very special. You should always throw a big bash for yourself, or at least have a little get together, because birthdays are the one time that it truly is all about you — and don’t we all deserve that?

On my 31st birthday, Aug. 19, 1994, one of my friends brought my friend Diane to my birthday party. She was gorgeous, a thin, natural blonde all in white, laughing, friendly, having a great time. I thought she was terrific. “This girl is so nice!” I thought. I loved her immediately.

Then some time afterwards, I ran into her at a nightclub. This time I made sure to get her phone number and we were good friends ever since. We spent our entire 30s going to amazing places together: Coney Island High on St. Mark’s Place in NYC; Don Hills (famous for the transvestites that hung out there and all the hip rock acts that played); we saw Patti Smith perform in Central Park together; the Jersey shore; we just did it all. We were fun girls! Diane’s favorite story is the night we both had falafels and she drove with the car wheel in one hand and a falafel in the other hand. (But my side of the car turned out messier than her side!)

More importantly, Diane was there for me after the death of my beloved grandmother. Hanging out in all the clubs with her took my mind off a lot of things. She also took me to the hospital when my mom had open-heart surgery and I didn’t have a car.

We had some hard times where we cried on each others shoulders. But now we’re both very happy in life.

Diane met her love, Mike, in 2003. I was so happy for her! Two years later I met my love Dennis.

I married Dennis on 11/9/11 and Diane married Mike a little over a year later. (Both of us couples eloped!)

My friend Diane (along with my friend Darlene) is one of the biggest blessings in my life!

I love you Di!

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