Team Charlie!

Published February 22, 2013 by Maryanne

Charlie-Askew-Rocket-Man-American-Idol-12-Top-40-Sudden-Death-01-2013-02-21Charlie Askew – American Idol contestant

I didn’t expect to pick a favorite so early in the American Idol game this season, but from day one, I fell in love with Charlie Askew.

He has a sweet, unique voice. He’s adorable as all hell. And I just love his stage presence and style. And from all the comments on You Tube, it seems he’s already stole America’s hearts!

Check him out, doing Elton John’s “Rocket Man”:


My favorite Charlie Askew quote is “I glorify weirdness.”

On a side note, I wasn’t going to watch the show this year. In the beginning I did not like the bickering between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, but that has subsided, thank you Jesus!

I never even heard of Nicki Minaj before this show and she really turned me off because she just seemed mean. But now, watching the show, she grew on me big time. I just love this woman! She’s sweet and funny and really gives great input/feedback (although I’m not always agreeing with her). I also think she’s gorgeous when her look is more toned down. Now I’m a big fan of make-up and hair and extravagance, but not everyone can be Cher or Dolly Parton. In my opinion Nicki doesn’t need all that. She’s a natural exotic beauty. The dark wigs and the toned down blonde ones are the best for her.

And she’s so cute when she flirts with the contestants. I love that! She’s endearing in that she reminds me of my grandmother who used to flirt with everyone. So, yeah, go Nicki! You’re awesome.

Now back to Charlie — I’m so glad he made it to the next round. My favorites always go way too soon, but keeping my fingers crossed that he will stay for awhile. (And I’m sure MANY other viewers feel the same!)

14 comments on “Team Charlie!

  • I love Charlie but he freaks me out a bit. He was shaking the whole time. I think he’ll be great once he gets over the jitters. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time dealing with Ms. Nicki still. I haven’t adapted to her at all. I like her as a performer but as a judge, she really bothers me. I want to gobble up keith Urban though. 😀 I think Angela is one of the best. American Idol is one of my “guilty pleasures”!

  • Maryanne, Can’t help but root for Charlie to win it all this year. Figured that Randy would have something negative to say about his selection of Rocketman, the old William Shatner classic….forgot who had the original. Agree 100 percent about Nicki Minaj being more likeable in recent weeks. Looks like Randy is taking over the Simon Cowell role of being so negative. He seems to enjoy trashing the singers and their song selections.

    • Hi Andrew! Oh good, I’m glad your rooting for Charlie too.

      I never watched when Simon was on. I just started watching two years ago because of Steven Tyler, so I’m not familiar with Simon. Randy is becoming predictable in his negativity. I even said that to my husband in regard to one of the performers last night. Keith and Nicki had good things to say and I’m like, “Randy will trash him” and sure enough I was right.

      Maybe Randy feels the show needs a bad guy. Who knows?

      • Randy may have been told by producers to be the bad guy this year. At least I haven’t heard him say “yo dog” he or she is in it to win it lately. Get the feeling that Randy enjoys giving negative criticism.

      • That’s true, you don’t know what they producers are saying to them. I read an article this morning where Keith Urban said he had to be the bad guy and let someone go who he actually voted in. It’s a tough job to be critical to young people, I wouldn’t want to do it. One time I was in a writing class in NYC. I was the only one published. I was encouraging the others and the teacher got mad at me. She said, “You’re too encouraging. You’re making it sound like it’s so easy, but it’s not!”

      • The teacher should have been glad that you were encouraging the other writers in the class. A word of encouragement goes a long way for someone learning the craft of writing.

  • I love Charlie as well, and he’ll be awesome when the nerve jitters calm down a bit. I didn’t know who Nicki was until the show started, but I was a little disappointed that Steven Tyler wasn’t a judge this year – what a cool guy he is!

    As for Randy – I think he needs to be a little harsh because the judges can’t just tell people they’re good when they don’t truly believe it. Simon absolutely hammered the contestants when he was judging and no one has been that harsh since. The bickering between Nicki and Mariah was really annoying, but I have a feeling it’ll rear it’s ugly head before the end of the series!

    • Hey Dianne, it’s so cool that all my fellow bloggers get Charlie. He does seem like a bag of nerves, but that’s what I love about him. I can be the same way, although not in work but in real life social situations.

      Steven Tyler is AMAZING! I met him at his ex-wife’s funeral (I became friends with her the year before she died) and he’s so nice. He gives the best hugs. He’s a true gem. He paid for all her medications and the hotel she stayed out. I miss him being on the show, but I think Nicki is just as funny and personable.

      I wish I watched this show early on. I love it so much! My sister has all the videos from when Adam Lambert was on. One day I was at her house and all the women were in the living room watching Adam’s performances. We were glued to the screen because he’s so cute, and another woman got locked in my sister’s bathroom. She was in there for 20 minutes before anyone realized because we were so busy watching Adam Lambert! LOL! (But Charlie is way CUTER!)

      • Adam Lambert was one of my all time favourites (along with Crystal Bowersox). I was so shocked when neither of them won (but they did become more famous than the eventual winners). I absolutely love idol and have never missed a series. I’m just constantly blown away by the enormous talent in the country.

        You’re so lucky for meeting Steven Tyler (even if it was under very sad circumstances). What an amazing thing to happen to you!

      • That’s so cool you never missed a series. I wish they would show repeats. It’s really the only show that reminds me of the 1970s variety shows from my childhood.

        Yes, the circumstances were horrible. Cyrinda was only 50 when she died and such a dear person. I met her as a journalist, but she referred to me as a “friend.” We got along so good. I have an old pair of shoes I won’t throw out because she loved them so much, she had to touch them. That’s how she was, a real girly girl — loved clothes and nice things. I could talk about her forever. A definite loss.

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