Published February 24, 2013 by Maryanne

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In the 1970s Mocedades was the only group to have a hit song in the Top 40, sung entirely in Spanish.

The name of that song was โ€œEres Tu.โ€

Itโ€™s a most gorgeous song, check it out:

Eres Tu

And here is the English translation:

Like a promise, you are, you are
Like a summer morning
Like a smile, you are, you are
Like that, like that, you are

All my hope, you are, you are
Like fresh rain in my hands
Like a strong breeze, you are, you are
Like that, like that, you are

You are like the water of my source
(Something like that, you are)
You are like the fire of my home
You are like the fire of my bonfire
You are like the wheat of my bread
You are

Like a poem, you are, you are
Like a guitar in the night

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  • Hi Mary Anne,
    haven’t replied in a while. From the emails, I can see you’ve posted on some interesting topics lately. I’ll be following up.

    I remember Eres Tu from back in the day.

    But what a coincidence! I just heard it yesterday. The “70s on 7” channel on SiriusXM satellite radio broadcasts reruns of the old American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. on Saturday afternoons. Yesterday was this week in 1974 when Eres Tu was on the chart. Or were you listening as well?

    All the best. Hope all is good . . .

    • Hey Chris! Nice to hear from you, as always.

      YES! I was listening to Casey’s show on the way to church today and “Eres Tu” came on the radio. I was so excited to hear it, since I haven’t heard it probably since the 1970s. I sat in my parked car until the song finished and wrote down the title so I could play it again on You Tube. Such a beautiful song, especially now learning the English translation. I must learn Spanish!

      All is well here, as always. New projects coming up, lots of writing assignments and three or four concerts to look forward to. Life is GOOD!

      And you?


  • Awwwww- I used to love this song. But if you have ever seen Tommy Boy, There is a scene where David Spade and Chris Farley cant’ agree on what music to listen to on a road trip and then the next scene it them both singing (and Crying) to this song. Funny scene, but damn it – now that is what I think of when I hear this song. Ugghhhh

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