At Work, Rest or Play, Animals are the Best!

Published February 27, 2013 by Maryanne

SexyeyesDerickMy Derick 

Monday I started working at the home of a new client (who will probably use my services once a week).

Within minutes of working, her beautiful, fluffy black cat with big green eyes, jumped on my lap and stayed there for almost the entire time I was in the client’s office.

This kitty cutie was a big fluff ball and it made me a little homesick thinking of how my Derick is always on my lap while I am working at home, knocking the mouse out of my hand when I’m working so I could stop and pet him! How cute is that?

And it made me realize — I think all my clients are pet lovers! That makes me so happy. Clients, friends, family, almost everyone I know loves animals. These little creatures are just too much, too adorable, too cute. All they want is to be fed and a lot of love.

When the kitty jumped in my lap, my new client said, “She knows you’re an animal lover.”

That is so true. They tend to gravitate to those who love them. But it’s also funny when they go to the ones who don’t love them. It’s as if an animal can sense the goodness in a person’s soul and knows deep down that someone who isn’t an animal lover may have it in them even in a little, tiny way.

I can’t imagine living in a home without a pet. All my life I’ve had: cats, dogs, a ferret, turtles, a guinea pig, fish, a snake and hamsters. The little that we do to take care of them, and all the love they give back to us.

Every day should be “bring your pet to work day” — the world would be a happier place.

And every night should be snuggle with your babies night.

I have just two cats — Billy and Derick. But if I had just one, or if I had 101 — they are all welcome on the bed to sleep with us!

Readers and fellow bloggers — tell me about your pet! And post links to pictures!

(Even if your pet is deceased, you can tell me about your pet and we can honor him/her and say a little prayer).

19 comments on “At Work, Rest or Play, Animals are the Best!

    • Ha-ha! My mom just got two new chihuahuas and they are both drama king and queen! Her old one that died was a doll — just a perfect dog. But these two new ones she calls, “The little fuckers.” (Her words — not mine! LOL!)

    • I love tabby cats. Billy (my older one) is also a striped Tabby. Billy is 19 and Derick is 17. I’ve had them since they were kittens and fit in the palm of my hand. It’s amazing they lived so long. Billy is like an old man cat, very slow and sleeps a lot, but Derick still runs around like a kitten. No one believes he’s that old!

    • Have you tried acupuncture, Dianne? My husband used to be allergic to cats but acupuncture cured that — and thank God because I think he loves my cats more than I do! Sometimes I have to remind him, “It’s nice that you love animals but you get carried away with these cats!” The other night he stopped eating because Derick needed attention. 🙂

      • Also, I too am alergic to cats but I have had 3 of them. You do build up an immunity to your own cat after a couple of years–it does take a while and it’s awful in the meantime but you do get there.


    • That’s so amazing that you have llamas. I can’t get over that!! I saw your llamas in the photos — they are exquisite!

      I have a cute llama story. When I was a little girl I was feeding them crackers at the zoo. One of the llamas grabbed the package out of my hand and ate all of them! They are funny.

      Did you ever see Dr. Doolittle with the “push me pull you” llama? I had that as a toy when I was little. It was one of my favorite toys.

  • This was really cute. I have three over in the rainbow bridge. Amber, Topaz (doggies) and Diamond-my black kitty. Currently we have Missy (doggie-princess) Selena-calico cat and diamonds litter mate and Gracie-gray tuxedo cat. I really should do a post about them and put up pictures. Oh yes, and the two puppies on the way are Maddy and Marly–Australian Shepard mixes.

  • i going to combine everything here. my chiropractor’s wife loves duncan donuts coffee too.i can’t say i don’t drink coffee.
    my environmental dr. and his wife have a dog paris who goes to work with them every day and she sits in your lap , while you wait, in the waiting room, or get a vitamin IV …lol..i gave here a toy and a few weeks later, she remembered me. ..

    • What a beautiful story! I can’t imagine people throwing away an animal. They give us so much love. Derick, photographed here, lived until 19. He was my little sweetheart; followed me everywhere. One month after he died, Nicholas Gray came into our lives. He’s a little doll too. He was a stray who followed us home. We got him checked at the vet, just to make sure he wasn’t chipped and belonged to someone. He turned out to be a sweetheart — and very smart too. He’s the first cat we taught to do tricks! Bless these little critters! ❤

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