How to Make Carrie Diaries Fashion More 1980s Authentic

Published March 2, 2013 by Maryanne

The Carrie Diaries new pic

They try. They really do.

But I don’t know how you can have a show based on 1980s fashion without the following TOP 5 1980s Fashion Accessories.


1980s bright blush#1 BRIGHT BLUSHER

Stylish girls from teens to 20s in the early 1980s wore bright blusher.

There was nothing subtle about 1980s make-up!

1980s buttons# 2 Buttons (also called “Badges”)

Teenagers showed the world the bands they loved (at least the cool ones did) by wearing buttons, or “badges” as they said in England, all over their shirts, jackets (especially leather jackets) and even on their bags (or pocket books).

This trend carried out until the 1990s and some people are still doing it. Hell, I am!

1980s capezios#3 Capezios

Everyone — male and female — had these hideous shoes,

but I’m sure Austin Butler (Sebastian Kydd) could rock them, along with a skinny tie.

1980s chinese slippers#4 Chinese Slippers

Carrie’s younger sister, Dorrit, totally needs to get these shoes. This is what new wavers wore before they discovered goth.They have Dorrit trying to look goth, but honestly, that look wasn’t popular until 1986, especially not in the suburbs. When Carrie’s boyfriend insinuated Dorrit was a “cliche” he couldn’t have been more retro wrong.

Goths weren’t called “cliches” until after the fact. They were just plain “weird” for at least five years.

THEN it was cool to make fun of them.

My favorite “make-fun-of-the-goths” saying was, “Why do you look so sad? Is Bella Lugosi dead?”

1980s leg warmers#5 LEG WARMERS

Leg warmers were all the rage in the early 1980s. They were not only popular in Jazzercise classes, but a cute accessory for a night on the town wearing a mini skirt.

Why does Carrie not know this?

I loved leg warmers because my young, thin calves seriously needed some muscle tone,

and leg warmers were great for hiding my skinny flaws!

8 comments on “How to Make Carrie Diaries Fashion More 1980s Authentic

    • LOL, yeah, anyone over 25 wearing it would look like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” but from teens to early 20s — it was just the right amount of wrong. I loved it! 😉

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