Shoes That Make a Point

Published March 11, 2013 by Maryanne

One Toe

Cartoon swiped from Google search

I love going shopping with my husband because he’s an artist and he truly appreciates me trying on clothes.

I’m petite, only 5’2″ at most and my husband adores this, so he loves picking out clothes for me. And he has that artistic eye that can automatically see what looks good before you even put it on.

That said, I always have a blast shopping with him. When I’m torn between two pair of tights — which color matches better — I can always count on him to give me the perfect answer.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day in New Jersey and decided to do some shopping in Red Bank. After record shopping, a certain clothing shop caught my eye and I’m like, ‘Let’s go in here.”

After buying three great pieces, I spotted some cute polka dotted shoes. They were slip on mules but with a very pointed toe. “What do you think?”

Like me, Dennis loved the polka dots, but hated the pointy toe. He explained that I don’t have a “pointy toe” personality. What is a “pointy toe” personality?

“Someone who isΒ  [and he made a weird noise that sounded like “eeehhhhh/nayyehhhh”] in your face. Your personality is sweet and subtle.”

Ahhh, I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about! Kinda like the women who were shopping in that very same store. Very loud. Major sense of privilege. Has to be center of attention. SCREAMING in your ear while you’re shopping. Baby talking to their children, giving no respect to fellow customers, acting as if the world belongs to them — and them alone. Eww!

(Not to mention that he pointed out that pointy shoes make your toes look deformed — and he definitely has a POINT! — pun always intended!).

Then he continued to point out how he used pointy shoes to draw wicked characters in cartoons.

His observations made so much sense. I thought about the show where I saw the most pointy shoes ever … “Sex and the City.” Whenever Carrie Bradshaw was bitching about a relationship, there she was, walking in the street, toes pointed 10 to 2, and those pointy shoes coming straight at the camera!

Now, I love this show, but the image and the association with these types of females — “EEhhhh/nayyehhh” could have easily replaced anything that was coming out of Sarah Jessica Parker’s mouth. No wonder so many men hate that show! It truly stereotypes a certain kind of woman that is self-serving, whining and always putting herself first. The pointy shoes just add to that character. If you notice, whenever Carrie is in a vulnerable situation, she’s barefoot. And I never realized this before!

But of course the Sarah Jessica Parker is likeable. She had to be in order for the show to be successful.

The real life women in those shoes are as horrid and wicked as the points portray! They’ll push you out of their way when they are looking at something. They will stand, practically on top of you. They are totally oblivious to what is around them. They will shriek into their cell phones no matter who they are annoying.

If this is how these women treat their fellow female shoppers, I can only imagine how badly they treat their husbands! But then again anyone who marries a woman like that must be equally as obnoxious so I don’t feel sorry for them one bit!

So, as always, when shopping for my summer shoes, I will continue to gravitate to shoes that say sweet and pretty: ballerina flats, open-toe sandals, feminine platforms, or cute punky Converse sneakers. And the beauty of it will be that as always, my feet will feel just as good as I take off the shoes as they did when I first put them on.

No corns or blisters on these happy feet! Bring on the summer!

17 comments on “Shoes That Make a Point

  • Haven’t spent much time analyzing the personalities who were the pointy shoes but am definitely not a fan from a pure comfort point of view. They must be real toe killers and, once shoes are on, I’d rather be able to forget about them and get on with my day.

    • Yes, I agree that shoes must be comfortable. I have made dumb shoe choices in the past so when shopping I try to be as conscious as possible when buying.

      I never thought about the personalities of women wearing the shoes until my husband brought it up yesterday. All these style shows the “experts” always point out how certain clothes/shoes say “I don’t care about myself” — it’s about time someone pointed out how shoes can say, “I’m too full of myself.” πŸ™‚

      • Great point! Nothing wrong with confidence and as Grandma always said, “You got it, you flaunt it.”

        But we’re talking about an undesirable NJ stereotype here — the type that makes NJ look bad, like those “Housewives of NJ” show; “Jersey Shore” etc. — not someone lovely like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn πŸ™‚

    • Ahh, sweet! I love the rounded toe shoes, I have so many dressy pairs that are that way, including two high-heeled Mary Jane styles (which are nearly impossible to find!) Or platforms with open-toe, that are classy (not Gene Simmons type monster platforms or stripper style).

    • Ah-ha and you’re a sweet person! See, my husband is definitely on to something! He also pointed out how the Good Witch of the East had the ruby slippers, while the Wicked Witch had the pointy toes πŸ™‚

      Last night I was watching “Carrie Diaries” and sure enough, the token bad girl had the pointy toes πŸ™‚

      • Lol… your husband is getting right into the whole anti-pointy toe thing!! That is so funny πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I never really put the two and two together until Sunday, especially when my husband made that endearing mocking voice about those types of ladies. I know people are writing from all over the country — but in New York and NJ, this is a specific type of woman that stands out — loud, overbearing, space invader — it’s definitely scary! (But I don’t think some of the others got it since they don’t know this area).

      I adore Converse! I’m done to one pair, but I will definitely get more. They are just too cute and cool at the same time. And of course timeless!

  • You’re husband sounds like a lot of fun, and this is hilarious! I often watch women teeter onto the airplane in completely ridiculous footwear, and I find myself one part impressed — and the other part mortified, waiting for them to twist an ankle as they attempt to stow their overstuffed baggage! Eeeek! πŸ™‚

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