5-Star Work Day

Published March 12, 2013 by Maryanne

sdc128501Me, last summer, at an old fashioned computer

As some of you may have sensed, I love to work. And for some of you who have read the “About” section, know that for the past five years I’ve been running my own home based business, Pear Tree Enterprises (www.peartreeenterprises.com).

Running your own business always has it’s ups and downs, but nothing beats being your own boss, choosing when you have a day off or when to take a vacation and having your name on something official.

Five years ago I left a job in journalism, then briefly worked full-time in a health food store (big mistake) then decided to work for myself and have been happy ever since, combining all my talents into one home-based business: writing, proofreading, editing, managing musicians and promoting and marketing. And sometimes I work as a model too. At 49, I find that such a blessing!

Yesterday was totally one of those, “I love my career kinda days. I spent the day concentrating on my musicians and ended up getting bookings for all four of them! One of them will be visiting Australia for over a month and I was assuming I may not be representing her during that time. But we talked on the phone yesterday and she said she was paying me in advance so I can continue managing her career during that time!

Then I finished up a research project for an author and continued ghost writing for another author. It was one of those days where you go to bed completely fulfilled!

Now that I’m all caught up, I’m taking the time today to go to an “Email Marketing” seminar. I haven’t gone to a seminar for my business in a few years, so I am excited to go to this.

Last time I went to a business workshop I made a great connection with Sean Carroll (http://www.seancarrollspeaker.com/) and we are email friends to this day. I highly recommend getting on his email list because he offers so much wisdom in regard to running your own business.

Which brings me to … I was offered by an editor of an online newspaper to write a column on running your home-based business! I am seriously taking him up on that. So stay tuned, if you are considering starting your own home-based business.

It’s not always peaches and cream, but to wake up every day knowing you’re getting paid what you’re worth, being your own boss and loving every working day is well worth the ups and downs! That peace of mind you’ll have is worth GOLD!

27 comments on “5-Star Work Day

  • How great that you’re able to do what you love and be successful at the same time. That’s an encouragement to all of us struggling out here.

    • Oh, I do struggle sometimes too, Victoria, it’s not always easy, but I strongly recommend to anyone to utilize their talents to the best you can by being your own boss, especially a woman.

      In this day and age there is so much sexual harassment, regular harassment, age-ism, gossip (and HR could do diddly squat for you — and if they do, there is always retaliation) …

      What normal person can deal with all that and NOT have a nervous breakdown? Stress takes a toll on a woman’s body and I’m not getting any younger.

      • Yes, I had all those years in the corporate world with the tug of war that comes from trying to do a good job and hold on to your dignity and sanity. I left that world for the self-employment world and found essentially that people are people wherever you go and the same issues follow you. Now I’m retired while being a caregiver to my elderly mother as well as beginning a writing career – and the core truths never change wherever we are – it always comes down to being true to who you are and knowing where to find inner strength and power – mine comes from knowing God loves me and cares for me – who better to have looking out for me than the Creator of the universe? He is handing me the icing on the cake – having the freedom to be my own boss and being able to be creative. None of us is getting any younger – so I agree with you – leave as much stress behind as you can..

    • LOL! I don’t mind orders, I just hate everything else that goes with working for someone: gossip, favoritism, being short changed for what you’re worth, having to ask permission to take a day off, people following you to the bathroom because you’re so needed, people freaking out when you come back from vacation because the place fell apart while you were gone … the list is endless! When I worked for other people I had two gray hairs. Now I have none 🙂

  • I love days and weeks when I feel so productive. How exciting for you. I can’t wait to read your posts on home based business. I am always looking for good articles and blogs to add to my reader on this topic.

    • If you sift through my blog, I wrote several, Marie. I wrote about having a comeback after the hurricane, “The Writing Life,” “Party Like a Writer,” and “If a Pear Tree Client Walked into a Bar” were just a few of my favorites 🙂

    • Thanks! I love anything old fashioned. I miss the days of typing on a type writer and submitting articles in a manilla envelope. But that was probably before you were born — ha-ha! 🙂

  • You, a model too? MaryAnne, that comes as no shock whatever! You are a fortunate gal with your business going well and all. Continued success…Skip

    • Not a runway model, I’m too old and only 5’2″, but in recent years I’ve done a curtain ad, and played a mom in two internet commercial videos. In earlier years I did some minor fashion shows and modeled a guitar ad.

      Thanks for your kind wishes, Skip!

      • My extreme pleasure, MaryAnne! You seem to be one of those very few who are beautiful on both the inside and out…

        Take care and continued success.

      • The storm was last October. We’re fine now. Yesterday was nice, today it’s a lot of rain but warmer. I love California. I was only there once but covered a lot of ground in three days.

      • Good to hear you are okay…

        Happy that you enjoyed your visit here. Actually, I’d like to get out of this state. It’s become too expensive and far too liberal for my taste. The only nice thing that seems to be left is the weather…

        Thanks, MaryAnne!

    • And my cat is administrative secretary. He gives me an 8-hour lap dance when I work at home. Nothing like a cat knocking the mouse out of your hand while you’re trying to work — must be that word “mouse” that gets him subliminally 🙂

  • Fantastic, Maryanne. What a beautiful life you lead. Let me know who the artist is who is coming to Australia. If they’re performing in my neck of the woods, I’ll go watch them 😉

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