I Agree with America’s Top 3 Choices for American Idol

Published March 15, 2013 by Maryanne

american idol top three

Left-R: Angie Miller, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison

So, for the first time since I was a little girl picking out a Miss America in the 1970s, I called the television winners!

Not only did I agree with America’s choices for the top three, but also with the fourth person chosen, Lazaro Arbos!

Wednesday evening Candice Glover did the most spine chilling version of “I Who Have Nothing” (which I originally know as a Tom Jones song). She really nailed it and then some!

Kree Harrison did an amazing version of Roy Orbison’s song, “Crying.” Another song that gave me chills.

Angie performed a song I wasn’t familiar with and she has a voice of an angel. She’s also the prettiest thing on American Idol since Adam Lambert.

What I didn’t agree with was who was sent home. I would have kept Curtis Finch Jr. and got rid of Paul Jolley or Devin Velez.

America also voted for their favorite who was eliminated to compete in a sing-off for a spot in Idol’s 2013 summer tour with the Top 10 (which Curtis will be a part of). The two competing are: Charlie Askew (my all time favorite this year) and Aubrey Cleland (who, in my opinion, is good but boring). So my choice in this one is a no brainer — bring back Charlie!

I have to say I like how the voting was done this time, more in the vein of “America’s Top Model” counting from the top downward. I never liked that “this one stays or gos” method. It was too nerve-wrecking not only for the contestants but for the viewers.

5 comments on “I Agree with America’s Top 3 Choices for American Idol

  • I agree with your and America’s top 3 picks. Amber Holcomb is another singer to watch this season. Hope America continues to send the boys home one by one, till only girls remain. Was surprised Curtis Finch Jr. was sent home.

    Thought Nicki Minaj was going to walk off the show, but knew she is being paid too much to actually walk off the show because Finch was voted off. Now she is going to tell us how to vote.

    Victor Trent Cook sang the best version of I Who Have Nothing ever on the last performance of Smoky Joe’s Cafe. I have the DVD and have watched it several times; The English version was written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, who also wrote Hound Dog for Elvis Presley.

      • Smoky Joe’s Café was like going back in time. It was the very last show, before it was shutdown after thousands of performances. The show included many songs that I grew up with like Hound Dog, Charlie Brown, Love Potion No.9, On Broadway, There Goes My Baby, Jailhouse Rock and too many others to mention.

        I like that Nikki spoke up for Curtis Finch Jr. He should have been the last boy sent home, instead of the first. Not sure if it is smart to give out the info on what place the singers were in the voting. People may use their 50 votes on someone else thinking the leader from the week before is safe. I used up most of my 50 votes for the girls.

      • Yeah, I think that’s what always happens. People think a popular one is safe so they vote for someone else. Totally explains why Pita got sent home too seasons ago. I definitely think a girl will win this season.

      • Pia Toscano may have even been the best singer of her season. I was totally shocked when she was voted off the show. Chris Daughtry finished fourth and yet outsold Idol winners by millions of albums. Lee DeWyze may be the biggest bust of all the Idol winners. His last album is 64,318th in sales in music at Amazon.com. Reviews at Amazon are from 4-4 1/2 stars, on all his albums, but they are not selling well. One of his albums can be bought at Amazon for one cent.

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