Janis Ian

Published March 21, 2013 by Maryanne


Janis Ian

I’m so thrilled and honored to be interviewing the iconic Janis Ian later today!

Here’s her first hit, “Society’s Child” — she wrote when she was just 13!

And her next hit, “At 17”

And currently, she just won a Grammy for best spoken word album, for her autobiography, “Society’s Child.”

Check out her website: http://www.janisian.com/


9 comments on “Janis Ian

  • What a wonderful opportunity for you! Congratulations. I love this song “Society’s Child” so sad and the fall out from that song could make it one of the most important songs from that era.

    You won’t believe this, but two days ago for some strange reason, Janis Ian popped into my head. I think I was thinking of famous musicians named Ian and thought of her. I smiled when I saw your post in my reader this morning.

    I’m not entirely familiar with her music, but I am going to look for her book.

    Have a great day – enjoy the interview.

    • Yes, that song is so touching! So cool you thought about her, maybe you were picking up some psychic vibes from me πŸ™‚

      I’m going to read her book too.

      The interview is 5 p.m. EST — I’m so excited!

  • SOoooO eXciting!!..β—‰βœ„β™₯β˜žβ™¬βœβœ±β‹β£βœΏβœ―βœ―

    Sent from my iPhone !!!~(*v*)~>^:^<!!! ƸӜƷ*~* ☾~✼* ✼~β˜€βœΌβ™© β™«_❀*β˜…

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