12 comments on “Happy Resurrection!

      • I went to church as well, my adorable parents sang in the choir and I visited their church to support them and be with them on Easter. Then afterwards it was followed by our annual easter egg hunt where we as a family get very competitive all in good fun! My Dad was a very sore looser and I kept my raining champion title. haha. Glad to head you had a beautiful time 🙂

      • Aww, that sounds terrific! I love the church choir, it’s astonishing. I wish I could sing. That’s so cool your parents participate.

      • we all enjoy to sing in my old church I would in our youth band. I wish I could sing better though haha. btw, I also think you are a stunner! Your husband can call himself a blessed man :).

      • Wow, I can’t sing at all! When I first joined my church they asked what my talents were, they were like, “Can you sing in the choir?” I WISH! But at least God used me — now I’m writing for the church bulletin!

        Thanks so much for the compliment — a big smile and inner peace does wonders, right? 🙂

      • That is very true!!
        However, as much as I am blogging I am not a good writer! It goes against me! I get jealous of people who can write well, so it’s all fair hehe.

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