Spring Has Sprung in New Jersey!

Published April 9, 2013 by Maryanne

maryanne 2010 by bill cromm, durian tatMe, 2010, embracing my favorite time of year

Spring officially starts March 21, but in New Jersey it started on Sunday.


We had such a long winter that started with that horrible hurricane in October. After five long months, I was so tired of washing extra clothes like a ton of socks. Luckily there was only about 10 days of extreme cold when I had to wear two pairs of socks.

Sunday was so gorgeous outside, my husband and I took a ride out to Sommerville, where we love to antique shop. I found a beautiful vintage skirt and blouse, perfect for church. And my husband found a 1970s lamp. I was like, “Yes, buy it, buy it!”

Mondays are always the day that I concentrate on getting gigs for the musicians I manage. The day was half/half, I booked some, not others. And then went for a beautiful bike ride. They are still fixing up our park, as it was destroyed by the hurricane, so it’s not as pretty as it once was, but I pay no mind and instead look at cute dogs. It feels so good to bike ride again.

Then I made vegan sandwiches (rice cheese, avocado, sprouts, sprouted bread) and peppermint ice tea for my husband and I and we ate dinner outside. I also took my smaller cat, Derick outside a bit. He loves for me to hold him like a baby as he looks all around. It’s just adorable.

Today business means I’m working on writing three articles (two for Westfield Alternative Press and one for Paterson Press), managing another entertainer and an author. Then after that I can concentrate on an article I’m writing for the church bulletin. And finally another bike ride because it looks like it will be nice again. But first some early morning exercise, breakfast and food shopping. Busy day!

We have two concerts this week. Tomorrow night we are going to see “One Night of Queen”

One Night of Queen

And Friday night we’re going to see Mike Nesmith from The Monkees

Mike Nesmith

And before you know it, there will be many days and nights filled with car shows and outdoor concerts. Spring is here, bring it on!

I am so happy!

16 comments on “Spring Has Sprung in New Jersey!

    • Yes, we have to milk it in NJ — next thing it will be summer and sometimes too hot. I like fall best, spring second, summer third and winter last, but I do love all the winter holidays.

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