My Top 3 Picks for American Idol this Week

Published April 11, 2013 by Maryanne

Janelle-Arthur-Top-6-American-Idol-2569107621927204397Janelle Arthur sings like an angel

and looks like one too (photo swiped from Google search)

Okay, I cheated. I wasn’t able to tune in last night since I was at a concert, and I couldn’t watch On Demand today because last night’s episode isn’t on there yet. So I did the You Tube thing and watched the contestants pay tribute to Burt Bacharach, one of the most amazing song writers ever. This was probably the best show yet!

My Top 3 are:

1. Janelle Arthur “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.” Cute as a button with the voice of an angel. Janelle nailed this one, staying true to the 1960s way it was done originally. She looked amazing and casually went into the audience to greet fans as she sang and then sang to Keith Urban. This was the best!

2. Angie Miller “If Anyone Had a Heart.” Whoa! This was fantastic! Also stayed true to the 1960s original. Very well done, Angie.

3. Amber Holcomb “Say a Little Prayer.” Excellent choice for her. She for the most part nailed it, although the ending was a little weak.

I was disappointed in Kree doing “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.” That wasn’t the right song for her. Instead Candice should have done that song. (I couldn’t listen to Candice doing “Don’t Make Me Over,” as I really don’t like that song too much — just my personal taste … and low tolerance level) And Kree should have done something more sexy and dramatic like, “The Look of Love.”

Lazaro doing “Close to You” was disappointing. That poor kid always seems so unsure of himself. I think he may be the one to go home tonight.

Comments from judges weren’t on the You Tube performances, so I have no idea what they thought.

One comment on “My Top 3 Picks for American Idol this Week

  • Nicki told Janelle that I’ll Never Fall In Love Again was boring, which I disagreed with and I thought Janelle had done a great job on the song. The other judges agreed with Nicki.

    Judges liked Angie Miller on the song you mentioned, since she played it on the piano, but they didn’t like her Burt Bachrach song.

    The judges liked Amber’s I Say A Little Prayer For You very much.

    I look for ratings to go down if Lazaro doesn’t go home tonight, especially if the judges don’t use their save on a girl, but the judges may be close to the deadline for using their save so they may have to use it, if they want to this week or next.

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