Jesus is My Boss

Published April 12, 2013 by Maryanne

Jesus is My Boss

When you work for yourself, of course you have good weeks and you have bad weeks. And then there are the weeks like this, that are extremely busy, but with so much to do yet you work and work and feel like you’re not getting anywhere. This week I feel like the little hamster running on the wheel, in circles of infinity. When will it ever all get done?

I am usually so fast and so organized I’m finished with my work and left twiddling my thumbs by 3 p.m. This week with three writing assignments from two different online newspapers, having to interview a bunch of people that were hard to track down via phone calls and emails (writing is the easy part), managing five musicians and an author’s career, ghostwriting/copy editing a book, and having another author wanting to come on board and have me manage her … there are just not enough hours in the day! Plus, add the fact that this is also a week for fun, as I went to one concert Wednesday night and am going to another tonite. So, to say this week’s been a whirlwind is certainly an understatement.

Today I got up extra early because a potential new client was supposed to send me a sample of a typing job he wants. Of course, it’s not in my email and the guy didn’t give me his phone number when he called because he said he’d send it in the email. Figures, but of course there’s always something to do anyway, whether I sleep an extra hour or get up early, it’s all laid out for me.

Then there is God’s work, which is equally busy, crazy and fun.

I’m working on my second assignment, volunteering, writing  for the church newsletter.

There’s this adorable, sweet 89-year-old lady who is a church member and has done so many wonderful things, mostly artistic/creative, but she also started a Caring Ministry where members go to the home bound and serve them communion. I was assigned to write a feature on her for the church bulletin, interviewing both her and her church friends.

As super busy as I was with my own business this week and concerts, I feel blessed that being my own boss I could have the luxury of taking a few hours out of my day to attend Thursday church service and then interview this wonderful lady. (I had to do it in person, not over the phone because she is elderly and hard of hearing). Like any other article I write, it’s always a thrill interviewing someone. We all have our stories to tell. Everyone has an interesting life that should be shared. Especially Christians because the power of Jesus Christ is so miraculous.

After the interview, one of the church members said that I’d be great for the Caring Ministry because I have a nice personality and am good with elderly people. (I said how much I love the little old Grandmas and that I always have a soft spot for seniors).

So, of course I said, YES! YES! YES! I would love to be a part of the Caring Ministry and learn how to offer communion to those home bound. It would only be once a month and they’d match me up with a home bound person that I connect with. And I would be trained to do this properly.

I was so thrilled because a few weeks earlier another church member asked me if I’d help count the church money and I had to decline because I’m not good in math — and of course my dyslexia doesn’t help. I felt so bad, but I had to be honest with myself and not take on something I wasn’t qualified for. I made a joke, “If I counted money, you’d have a negative zero!”

But if you truly want to be a part of something, Jesus will find a way to make you part of it. Jesus has a job for everyone. And you don’t have to worry about time, because it will fit in beautifully with your life no matter how busy you are! That’s what makes Jesus a great boss! He knows the right person for every job there is. He’ll put you where you are best qualified. With God you always fit in! There are no cliques or favorites when Jesus is the boss, we’re all equally loved and appreciated. And happiness through the love of God is the best paycheck there is!

When I was telling my husband about my day, he said, “Boy, you are busy!”

I said, excitedly, “I’m working for God!”

He’s like, “There you go!”

I think I was glowing!




11 comments on “Jesus is My Boss

  • I used to be on the sidelines in church, then led music on Baptist Men’s Day and sang my first solo at the age of 50. Later I led music for 10 years at that church and sang solos often, plus wrote the copy for the church bulletin, since I was picking the songs to sing anyway. It is great that you are so involved with your church. I know your work is appreciated.

      • I owe any singing talent I have to God and the pianist at church who played for the late Gov. Jimmie Davis of Louisiana, who was famous for You Are My Sunshine. when she was only 13 in Las Vegas. Her singing tips taught me how to sing songs, that I never thought I could sing.

      • Most of the singing tips had to do with when to sing out and when to tone it down. This is one song that she taught me how to sing, that I never thought I could sing. Dottie Rambo part of this group wrote the song, but died a tragic death in her tour bus.

      • Elvis recorded 68 gospel songs in his I Believe box set and I didn’t find the song listed. Am wondering if the song was written after his death, but can’t find a date it was written. It would have been a perfect song for Elvis and his voice. Did an extensive search and found nothing about him singing it.

    • Yes, it’s always terrific when people recognize your gift or even when they think they recognize a gift (like the man who wanted me to count the money — I’m still laughing over that one!) They wanted me to sing in the choir too … I’m like, “no, no, you don’t want to hear me sing!”

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