Journalism Woes Saved by Record Store Day!

Published April 21, 2013 by Maryanne

picture discDavid Bowie “The Jean Genie” picture disc

As a journalist, I have more happy days than bad ones. But yesterday I had a not so pleasant day.

A few months ago I wrote an article promoting an upcoming event. Now, I need to point out that I am a classy journalist. I am not a hardcore paparazzi type that snakes people into getting a story. People either tell me stuff I can use or not. I don’t force people to talk. I make sure all the people I interview are completely comfortable and if discussions get a towards an area that is sensitive or too personal, I simply ask, “IS THIS ON THE RECORD?” to make the person aware that what they are telling me they may later regret when they see it in print.

One of the greatest interviews I ever did in my life was when I interviewed  Sopranos actor Joseph Gannascoli and he confessed to being a food fence. I asked him, “Is this on the record?” He said, “Sure.” I couldn’t believe I got that information out of him! And it made for a great article. You can read it here:

Another great moment in my career in journalism was after interviewing Fred Norris of the Howard Stern Show. When I met him in person a few days after our phone interview he said to me, “You were the only journalist who ever got my story right. I love this article so much I read it to my daughter.”

So now that you know how I operate, I will proceed to tell my story ….

Yesterday when I got to the event that I wrote about a few months ago, the lady who hosted the event asked if I could take the article I wrote off the internet.

I told her that was a professional website, not my own, and I had no control over it and “Why is there a problem?”

Turned out a woman I interviewed told me some things she later felt were too personal to be on the internet and she was bitching about it.

I told the host that it was out of my control and she could speak to my editor about it. I gave her his professional phone number and told her to call him on Monday.

It was an uncomfortable situation for me because it made me feel like I was a rat and did something wrong, when I simply did a job I was hired for to the best of my ability — with class and consideration. I felt so upset throughout the day.

When I got home I wrote the host an email explaining that I did not force that woman  to tell me anything. She agreed to be interviewed. She even spelled out her name for me.

The bottom line is —  the editor is keeping the story online unless the woman tells him directly that what she shared with a reporter was causing her problems.

I think some people truly just love drama.

So I was pretty sad, but my husband participated in Record Store Day and he came home so happy with a bunch of records.

He surprised me with a David Bowie “The Jean Genie” picture disc! This was so cool because my late friend Cyrinda’s picture is on the record! Anything about Cyrinda makes me smile because she was such a girly girl. As beautiful as she was she would always be the first to give a compliment. And she was so funny. Just so real, told it like it was (which reminds me of my late Grandmother). I have nothing but wonderful stuff to say about that woman, may she rest in peace.

Cyrinda Fox and Justin LoveMy late friend Cyrinda Foxe, wearing my coat, and Justin Love

(from party at CBGBs gallery January 2001)

So it’s the little things that can definitely change the mood of the day! (Also the fact that after the event, I found this amazing grocery store that I’ve never seen before called Fairway — with a ton of organic foods and natural products!)

At night I was on the guest list for the Buskin and Batteau show, so my husband and I went to that which was absolutely fabulous! Stay tuned as my next post will be about that show, with pictures! Now I’m off to exercise, eat breakfast, church and then spending the day with my husband, possibly antiquing again.

From a low back to a super high! Life is good.

10 comments on “Journalism Woes Saved by Record Store Day!

  • That lady should have kept the info to herself, if she didn’t want you to print it. It is great that your day ended well, after such a bad start. Great that Dennis found the record album that had your friends photo on it.

  • As a journalist, you learn quickly some sources open up to you without thinking of the consequences. Sounds like that’s what happened. We’ve all experienced it, but the fact is most stories come out right {unless you’re out to deliberately hurt someone}. Remember, you’re the writer and conduit for the story, not the editor or publisher. I remember the first time that happened to me. A fellow writer came up to me and pointed out a half dozen stories I had written and were well received. He then gave me the words of wisdom, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Keep on writing!!!

    • People open up to me whether I’m working or not, it’s just my sweet, inviting personality. I take after my grandmother.

      In this particular case I think the woman was just crying for attention. The fact of the matter is, her problem was not a unique issue. She was just being a baby. She screwed up and was looking to point fingers. A troublemaker.

      And as for editors/publishers — yes, I am the writer, but it’s the editor’s job to have my back. Every professional newspaper I ever worked for, it was the protocol for a writer to turn over the problems to editor or publisher. And a good editor will always have your back as this one did.

      • Of course a good editor will have your back and communication between the writer and editor is so important. Maybe I read the post wrong, but it sounded like you took the woman’s complaints personally. Sounds like you have it under control. Always enjoy your reads,

      • I didn’t take the complaints personally, I was just disappointed the way it was handled by the host. She made is sound so urgent that the article should be removed from the site; and how that was the first thing she said to me when we met. It set an awkward mood for the event and I couldn’t wait to leave. 🙂

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