My Stinky Cat!

Published April 22, 2013 by Maryanne


Cats are known for preening.

But not my Derick. I rarely see him clean himself and when I first got him, my older cat Billy would grab him and try to clean him. So I nicknamed Derick “Stinky Cat.”

Today, for some reason, he smells so good — like a fresh, newborn kitten. I just can’t stop kissing him and snuggling my nose into his fur. Either Billy got a hold of him or he’s finally learning some grooming skills in his old cat age.

20 comments on “My Stinky Cat!

    • Thanks! He just had blood work done, vet didn’t mention anything other than his thyroid condition which has improved. Possibly the thyroid condition is throwing him off. He’s very needy and cries a lot. We have to rock him like a baby. But he has improved big time with the medicine.

      • That happens with hyperthyroidism, the crying and needing to be comforted a LOT. You’re SO lucky the medicine is working. I had this with both of my cats, who were adopted at 8 weeks old from the same litter. One developed an additional health issue, and I lost her at almost 13 in 2008. The other ended up getting the radioactive iodine treatment the following year and it extended her life until she was 17 1/2. You know people are committed when they’re making sure their cats get the medicine and treatment they need. I’m basically a cat myself, and trust me, mine used to check to see where my tail was. LOL.

      • Aw, I’m so sorry for your loss. Derick is 17 this year and Billy is 19. I’ve had them both since they were kittens and it breaks my heart that they are so old now. Derick actually runs around like a kitten. Billy wobbles like an old man cat, but is less needy. He just sleeps all day. These babies love us to death so we’re doing something right. When my husband comes home they run to the door like dogs! Dog lovers poo poo this and don’t believe me, but it’s true πŸ™‚

      • I know exactly what you mean. Before my cat fell down the stairs and had a stroke a day or so later, she was still running around like a kitten, still climbing things, still flying up the stairs like a wild animal. She was such a gentle little soul, but when she ran around, she really took that seriously.
        Dog people don’t understand that cats are actually far more intelligent & intuitive than most people give them credit for. They know exactly who loves them, and they’re not shy about letting those who aren’t cat fans know what they think of them by their actions and behavior.

      • Amen to that! Do your cats have favorite music? I shared a story awhile ago, Derick LOVES the Turtles. We have a documentary about them and every time we put it on, he’ll sit through the entire movie. He’ll hear the first note of the opening song, come running to the bedroom, plop his little body at the edge of the bed and watch the whole show including the ending credits — every single time!

      • My part Egyptian Mau was more the “sit on the couch with the remote and bring me a beer” kind of gal. She’d watch TV, but it didn’t have to be anything specific. She was more like a cat than a person, in many respects. My little girl was the more cultured of the two, and she was such a girl. She’d watch sports, she would always, without fail, watch Harry Potter, and because I always sing around the house, she liked to be held and sang to. She always listened very intently to my voice. I cannot tell you how many times she got into a locked bathroom because she heard Mommy singing in the shower. It was hilarious. Living without any cats is the most bizarre feeling in the world to me. I’m anxiously awaiting adopting and bringing home new little lives. I thrive in that kind of home environment.

  • Derick finally realized that he needed to clean up his act to get more attention. Speaking of cats a cat showed up at our house with four kittens, but one of them died yesterday. Will be happy to email a kitten to anyone that wants one.

    • Ha-ha, knowing Derick, he’s smart enough to figure that out πŸ™‚

      OMG, I would so love a kitten! But we can’t now with these two so old. Derick would hate me πŸ™‚

  • AdoraBle!!β—‰βœ„β™₯β˜žβ™¬βœβœ±β‹β£

    Sent from my iPhone !!!~(*v*)~>^:^<!!! ƸӜƷ*~* ☾~✼* ✼~β˜€βœΌβ™© β™«_❀*β˜…

  • He’s adorable! Cats are wonderfully strange aren’t they? you have a cat that does’t like to preen and I have a cat who doesn’t realize he can jump. WHo says cats dont have their own individual personalities. πŸ™‚

  • I’m happy Derick is looking handsome and smelling good. I just love to read what fellow bloggers say about cats. Cat people are a breed amongst themselves.

    • Yeah, it’s hysterical. I was telling one of my cat-loving friends about me wanting an Italian greyhound, she was so disappointed. She was like, “Aw, I thought you and Dennis were ‘cool cat people.'” She got so defensive about me wanting a dog!! LOL! πŸ™‚

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