Hooray for Yoga!

Published April 23, 2013 by Maryanne

Richard HittlemanRichard Hittleman, “Yoga for Health”

The first yoga show I watched as a kid in fourth grade!

Hooked ever since!

It’s amazing how stress can have such a negative outcome on your personality and your health.

After having a fantastic Friday, between the stress from the reporting job on Saturday and then the incident at assWhole Foods on Sunday — all the joyful fun stuff that DID happen over the weekend (church, the concert, quality time with my husband, record store gift) — I wasn’t able to fully enjoy because the stress settled in my back, neck, shoulders. I felt so weak, bitchy and not myself.

Yesterday was super busy and I drove in two hour traffic early in the morning with back pain. I had to cover a story in Paterson (this was a positive thing) and then manage my musicians, and then I ended up writing and editing until 8:30 p.m.! I worked so hard in spite of my pain.

Finally I ended my day with some yoga. It’s amazing, just some simple moves and I felt the tension release and the pain dissipate! WOW!

I was like, “Amazing, I feel really good again.” Yoga is part of my health routine, but every day I do a different type of exercise and I guess I kinda neglected my yoga for a couple days.

For the first time in two days I woke up without back pain! I’m so happy because while I love acupuncture and chiropractors, I was having a hard time finding a doctor whose schedule agreed with mine.

I do not like appointments right smack in the middle of the day! It upsets my flow. If I can’t go in the morning, I want to go in the night. I don’t want to be working on a story — then, oh, 2 o’clock, gotta stop and go to acupuncture. No … that ain’t cutting it! When I write, I don’t even stop to breathe sometimes!

So between who doesn’t have an early appointment, who doesn’t have evening hours, and who is closed on the day I’m least busy … YEAH, WHATEVER …

All I can say is hurray for arnica and yoga! Worked like magic and I saved money. I feel like a brand new person, all fresh and good to go.

Happy, healthy day to all!

7 comments on “Hooray for Yoga!

  • if you lived in arlington va.,you would have a chiropractor opened til 7. i went at 6 and a whole foods where the people who work there hug you amd miss you if you are away for a week and help you and matthew macohahey – have no idea how to spell, would love your hair and u could watch sandra bullock put groceries in car, b/c i guess his back hurt………

  • You felt bitchy. Lol. I so cant imagine you like that. 🙂
    My girlfriend has been doing yoga for the last 25 years and she swears by it. I hug you lovely lady as your one busy bee. Xxxx

    • Ha-ha, you missed the drama Paula — I was so upset with Whole Foods two days ago and the day before I had another crazy episode. So unlike me, that’s true, but sometimes buttons just get pushed, plus I wasn’t feeling well 🙂

  • My mommy had sort of a crap day yesterday, and then she started today with her wonderful yoga class taught by a woman with the most gracious heart. Mommy was a much happier camper when she came home! By the way, I did downward facing dog a few times today. Always makes me feel better. 😉

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