Site Stats Through the Roof!

Published April 24, 2013 by Maryanne

site stats

Monday and Tuesday of this week my site stats were higher than ever — practically through the roof!

I almost cringed thinking the reason was for my vent on the ever-so-unprofessional-bad-customer-service-supermarket, Whole Foods. Maybe someone higher up was reading my blog and something would be done — finally?

Uh, no.

Truth be told … all of a sudden several hundred people started reading a blog I wrote last January on Angelyne, the 1980s Billboard Queen:

I was like, Whoa! Why the sudden interest in Angelyne? Did she die?! I hope not!

No, Angelyne is alive and well. But the latest news is that the beauty queen took a tumble:

Amazing that a little old lady falling brought so much attention to my blog! I’m glad she’s okay. I think she’s great. Anyone who spends so much time and effort on their looks in order to keep their persona going after all these years is A-OK in my book. I’ve always admired those walking work of art types, especially since I’m just the opposite, more of a blow and go kinda gal  (well, not so much “blow” anymore, as I haven’t used a blow dryer since Hurricane Sandy!)

Love you Angelyne!


11 comments on “Site Stats Through the Roof!

  • Maryanne, Congratulations on your readership spike. I had only 232 page views on April 19, but had 1,927 yesterday due to an article I wrote about Lizard Lick Towing reality show. Probably will be back down to 200 page views in a day or two. I am very impressed with the reader response to your articles. Very few people ever comment on my posts.

  • Mystery solved…
    I wonder why this sometimes happens to me too. One day I had 88 views from India alone. Strange, I think it was on a piece of Indian inspired art I did. I just imagined a classroom full of kids in India all logging on to my site at the same time.

    Glad Angelyne is ok.

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