Write to Live, Live to Write!

Published May 3, 2013 by Maryanne

Photo by Ray LitterioMe, from Spring, 2010 (Photo by Ray Litterio)

All week I’ve been putting up articles I’ve had published and haven’t shared anything about my life! I’ve been so busy attending reporting events, even on Sunday, and working on my book, that I’ve had little time for myself except for a bike ride here and there.

I’m just so ecstatic that I’ve been writing so much, the time is just flying by in perfect synch with the most gorgeous weather we’re having here in New Jersey. 

I’m so happy with my three news editors, along with my editor at the Skinny News magazine; as well as all the musicians I manage. I may be managing two more people in the near future, one an author, the other a playwright. Contacts I’ve made through my writing career. I am very excited!

This week was fairly easy. I was only on the road reporting three days (Sunday, Tuesday evening and Thursday morning) and spent a lot of time working on my book (up to Chapter 14, up to 6 with the editing).

The other day I was riding my bike, completely euphoric thinking to myself, wow, I’m writing a book! I still can’t grasp the concept that I’m actually doing it. I finally chose a title: “On the Guest List.”

And I just completed editing the book I’ve been doing with Stefanie for the past few months, “Moonstone Dream.” Her party will be in Montclair in a few weeks. I’m also looking forward to another Dead Man’s Curve (a fun, outdoor event with surf bands, hot rods and celebrities from yesteryear). The car shows and summer concerts will be starting up soon. Yay!

A little downer — my two old cats aren’t doing two well. Derick, 17, has thyroid issues (which have been under control thanks to medication). Billy, 19, has been hiding a lot, losing a lot of weight (down to just six pounds). Round one blood work said minor thyroid but possibly kidney issues. We’re waiting for the second round of blood work. So please keep our kitties in your prayers.

Because of work, I missed a lot of church, but I was so happy to write an article for the church bulletin, which honors an 89-year-old member who has been in the church since 1956.

Every morning I start my day off in prayer and reading the Bible, before I do anything else. It gives me focus and perspective and a beautiful start to the day.  As some of you may know, my eyesight is bad. If I’m not wearing contact lenses, I am wearing thick Buddy Holly glasses. And when I am wearing contact lenses, I wear glasses over them to read. But I keep having dreams that I see perfectly without glasses/contacts. The other night I was in bed with my husband and I saw his face better than usual. I take all this as a message from God — that I am “seeing” the light. My life has never been so perfect as it’s been since I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior. I just love being a Christian and having that feeling of heaven on earth constantly.

And last but not least, I am so in love with my husband and so blessed to have him by my side in all I do.

So that’s my last week or so, in a nutshell. Life is good. Life is a blessing!


10 comments on “Write to Live, Live to Write!

  • Maryanne, we love reading your articles, you are such a inspiration. we are so blessed to have you and Dennis as our friends and a part of our life. Our prayers for your cats, we hope they are well. I try to have faith but sometimes life’s hardships get you down. Hope to see you both again soon. Maria

    • Aw, thanks so much Maria! You, Bob and Robby are a blessing to us as well. We look forward to seeing all of you again very soon. Thanks for the prayers for our kitties — they seem to be stable now, no better, no worse. Much love! xoxo

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