Vegan “Mock” Tuna Recipe — Of Course it’s Dolphin Friendly!

Published May 7, 2013 by Maryanne


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A lot of people love tuna.

Some are concerned about tuna not being dolphin-friendly.

Some are concerned about the amount of mercury in the large fish.

Some are vegan or vegetarian and don’t eat tuna, but they miss it and crave it.

Well if you love the taste, here is an amazing protein-packed vegan recipe to try. It’s all natural and absolutely delicious and filling. I ate my portion on a plate, but you can add to a salad or make a sandwich. Honest — it tastes like the real thing, if not better.

VEGAN TUNA SALAD (makes two large servings)

1 can organic chickpeas

1/4 cup raw almonds

2/3 cup minced organic celery

1/4 cup red onion

Juice of half organic lemon

1/4 cup of Veganaise (all natural mock mayo — can be found almost anywhere)

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until it’s all chopped up. You can eat immediately or chill for a half hour to get the full flavor of all the ingredients.


12 comments on “Vegan “Mock” Tuna Recipe — Of Course it’s Dolphin Friendly!

      • I’m always coming up with dumb abbreviations. I was on a sugar free, wheat free, everything free diet a couple years ago. I found a recipe for chocolate cake that didn’t have sugar, wheat etc. I called it ‘chocolate fake’. Alas it wasn’t very good. Fake will never replace cake 😉

      • Does “sugar free” include natural fruit sugars? Nana’s makes the most amazing cookies sweetened with fruit juice. They are gluten free and all natural. The chocolate ones taste just like devil’s food cake — I love them (but haven’t had them in a long time!)

      • I’m on a more relaxed diet now, I just go easy and eat wisely. At the time I used stevia as a sweetener, still do actually. I’ll have to look those up and see if they’re available here – sound good

      • I’m with you! I used to be a 100 percent raw foodist and it was horrible. I wasn’t in optimal health and it was so hard to socialize. I could eat a non-organic tomato and have a bad reaction. Now that my body isn’t as pure I can eat anywhere and I feel terrific — just pop the probiotics every day and I’m good to go.

      • Yeah I went too strict. I had stomach problems prior to that and was already really skinny. So I find it’s best just to eat a balanced diet, allow myself occasional treats and avoid the foods I know don’t agree with me. Probiotics – yes! I recently started making kefir and it’s helped my stomach a lot. I’m going to write a post about it soon 🙂

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